We’ve got a full episode of Wilykat, Wilykit and Snarf this week as they pursue a thief through Dog City. Specifically that racoon–Tookit–from a few weeks ago. The episode opens with them already searching for the racoon, and Kit’s convinced they’re not going to find him unless he wants to be found.

Tookit, meanwhile, is chomping on an apple when he asks a dog what time it is. He snags the dog’s watch in the offing, and the dog doesn’t realize it until he puts an apple in his breast pocket instead. Tookit runs and a bunch of barrels are released. The barrels knock over some scaffolding, which hits the bench Kit and Kat are on, and sends them flying. Which then makes them find Tookit. Huzzah!

Tookit suggests them joining forces, but all Kit and Kat want is their stuff back. After much conversation, Tookit agrees to give them back their stuff…which is at his house. Their stuff is inside this great, honking bag the raccoon has. They look in the bag, but they can’t see a thing. And that’s because Tookit hasn’t said the magic word yet.
He does so and then jumps into the bag; Kit, Kat, and Snarf follow soon after. They land in a massive pile of stuff at the base of the bag, which looks a bit like the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Bag of holding anyone?

Tookit explains the bag is a forever bag, so like a Tardis it’s bigger on the inside. The bag was stolen a few times apparently, and Tookit explains this as he hands back Kit and Kat’s stuff.

Then three other thieves show up; all of whom Tookit has saved from the mean streets of Dog City. Tookit tells Kit and Kat they have to go–he doesn’t want to be a bad influence after all. And so he gives them a parting gift as well.

As the trio of Kit, Kat, and Snarf leave … Tookit comments he doesn’t think he’s seen the last of them. Up on the surface, Kit and Kat open their gifts. Which happen to be gems stolen by our pal Tookit. Ah crap.

They get locked up in the cells, but aren’t in there more than a minute before the three young thieves from the bag break them out. The dog guard chases after them through the darkened city streets, but the company of youngsters hide from him in some baskets. They split off at a balcony and use laundry ropes as ziplines to make their escape. All the way back to Tookit’s hut.

The dog guard bursts into the hut…but of course no one’s there. They’ve all gone back into the forever bag again. Tookit tells Kit and Kat he sent his proteges to break them out–the mole, Gusto, comments pickpockets have to stick together. Tookit calls for a celebration, so of course they decide to go steal some candy.

Tookit leaves the forever bag in a candy shop, which allows the youngsters to immediately head in there and have their way with the candy. Kit and Kat initially resist stealing, but then they see the glabagooies over in the corner and go nuts. They leap back into the bag just before Tookit comes back with the shopowner to get his bag. The shopowner who then notices that everything is gone.

The next night, the kids knock over a toy store in the same fashion. Then a food cart in the middle of the day. Several food carts more like. And every time they stay ahead of the dog constable by leaping into the bag. Gusto stole some money, which is Tookit’s cut for letting them have fun. Kit and Kat then decide to leave with Snarf; they immediately run afoul of that dog constable. Ruh-roh Raggy.

Kit and Kat head back to the bag, where Tookit explains that the other three thieves tried to leave too. But the same thing happened with the dog constable chasing them. And then Tookit realizes why he was drawn to them–a heist for a precious gem that can only be pulled off with Kit and Kat’s help. Tookit leaves to prepare, and Kit and Kat make plans with the other young thieves to escape.

So the heist goes off as planned–or so it seems–as Tookit leaves the bag in the shop where the gem’s located. Kit and Kat can’t figure out why they’re needed, and then the guard creatures appear. Which of course makes it abundantly clear that Kit needs to play her music so the creatures fall to sleep.

The three other thieves slip out through the roof while Kat steals the gem. But then he knocks Kit down and the music stops. They slip away with the gem and the forever bag just barely ahead of the guard creatures. Tookit waits for the gem, which Kat won’t give him until they get fair compensation.

The young thieves play keep-away from Tookit until of course the dog constable shows up and gives chase. Taking advantage of children is a very bad thing. And why do I get the feeling the bag isn’t the right one? Oh yeah … because it isn’t. Kit and Kat made several fake forever bags, which tricked him quite well. Good for them!

Kit and Kat realize they were brought to Tookit so they could ensure his young proteges had a different life. As they watch him being led away by the constable, they hope he learns his lesson.

Yeah I don’t think so … because Tookit pulls out the pin he stole earlier while he sits in the cell. I suppose that serves well enough as a lockpick, eh?

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