‘Fanastic Four’ #605 was a one-shot side story about the Thing through time. Now, before we continue the story in #606, we’re treated to one of Marvel’s “point one” issues intended for new readers. The problem is that, while this issue is another stand alone story, it’s not really new reader friendly as I’m sure Marvel wanted it to be.

The story this issue is the origins of the Fantastic Four of an alternate universe where Hitler won World War II. In this universe, Reed Richards and the brother-sister pair of Sue and Johnny Storm are German citizens, while Ben Grimm is an incarcerated Jew pilot. While it follows many of the touch points of there original Fantastic Four origin (the trip to space, bombardment by cosmic rays, and mutations), the tale veers off in some very unexpected ways. To detail what exactly has changed this issue would be to ruin it for long time FF fans who are sure to enjoy the twists and turns but I can hint by saying that Doom plays a role in the creation of the FF and we get a second origin here that will be pretty interesting to readers of Jonathan Hickman’s run on this title and its sister title over in ‘FF’.

Jonathan Hickman, while not actually providing that jumping on point for new readers, does give a beautiful one-shot story that fans of the FF will absolutely love. While it’s not really for new readers, it is a story that does make sense on its own and is a great read… even if non-FF fans won’t understand some of the implications of what’s going on.

Hickman’s great story is turned into pure magic by the pencils of Mike Choi. The thin detailed lines give this strange alternate universe tale a very Mobius feel and, as any fan of the comic medium will tell you, that is indeed something worth emulating.

I can’t wait to see the ramifications of this story and hopefully see more of this alternate Reed Richards.

Verdict: Buy

Art and Cover by MIKE CHOI