Well, it just would not be a Marvel/ Netflix series without a good hallway fight scene. Ever since ‘Daredevil’ Season 1 had that first, epic, one unbroken shot hallway fight scene, where we saw Matt Murdock persist in taking down an entire gang of assailants, getting beat up and exhausted in the process, and truly showing the type of gritty realism the Netflix corner of the MCU was striving for, directors for the Marvel series on Netflix have tried their best to emulate the idea of that “hallway fight scene” in new and better ways. From ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 where Murdock had to fight his way through a building against the Dogs of Hell with an empty gun taped to the one hand and a length a chain attached to the other hand, all the way to ‘The Defenders’ when the team first forms and they battle the forces of The Hand together in a massive hallway fight scene, becoming acquainted with each other’s skills in the close-quarters combat. And while not every series has participated in the tradition (would seem a little ridiculous if they did), I think it is something we will continue to see moving forward, starting of course, with next week’s release of ‘The Punisher.’

In the clip tweeted below, Frank Castle seems to be in a hallway near a stairwell fighting two beat cops, which is not that unusual considering he is  a vigilante who this time around is fighting against corruption in the military and government conspiracies, so the cops could either be in on the plot or just trying to bring in the dangerous vigilante. In an attempt to escape, Frank grabs a nearby emergency firehose and uses it to rappel down the middle of the stairs, groaning in pain when his arm buckles from the jolt of catching his body weight after the jump, reminding us that Frank Castle has no superpowers but is just a regular man, and these amazing feats do take a toll on his body.

Check out the clip for yourself below, and share your thoughts on the Marvel/ Netflix hallway fight scenes, and what else we should expect in ‘The Punisher,’ in the comments below!