The newest TV spot for ‘Prometheus’ has reached the web and it is all that you would expect it to be from a Ridley Scott movie. My only concern is that this clip is filled with spoilers.

If you’re wondering how the film will be connected to the movie ‘Alien,’ this video explains a lot. The new TV clip shows a lot of the alien being that will be causing terror to the crew of ‘Prometheus’ and  unless you don’t want to know any details, I would suggest that you not watch the clip.

If you’re thinking that the marketing department for the movie is giving away too much, I would heartedly agree with you! As much as I enjoy watching the trailers, clips, and featurettes, this newest addition had me a bit saddened that what would have been a great movie moment has now been spoiled (on the other hand, the video is quite thrilling).

Anyway, don’t tell me you weren’t warned as you watch the clip below:

‘Prometheus’ TV Clip: