‘Pacific Rim 2’ was not quite the audience or critical hit that most had hoped it would be, barely scraping together a haul of $290 million which does not bode well for the future of the franchise. Still, it was not a complete failure by any means, and a third film had long been discussed for the series, especially with the way the second movie ended, with Dr. Newton Geiszler now possessed by the Precurser Emissary (Precursers being the race who created the Kaijiu and sent them to Earth), claiming the latest victory is only temporary, as the Kaiju will continue to attack until the Earth is destroyed. Which of course was met by hero Jake replying that next time it would be humanity attacking the Precursers, potentially setting the stage for a Jaeger assault on the Precurser homeworld in a third installment. While speaking to Cinemablend on the subject of whether there will be a third movie, part 2 director Steven S. DeKnight replied:

“You are asking the wrong monkey, my friend. That is so far above my pay grade. I have heard nothing. That is up to the executives and the bean counters. I certainly hope so. I hope, with or without me — because my schedule is starting to get a little complicated — that there’s a third installment because I would love to see it. I think the franchise deserves to be finished. Whether or not it made enough money, I honestly have no idea. Long ago, I kind of disconnected myself to any kind of box office worry. Things like that are kind of out of my hand. But I certainly hope so. I have heard nothing, but I hope there’s installment.”

So in a nutshell, if the franchise does go forward, DeKnight might be handing off directing duties, and no one is quite sure if Universal would even want to move forward, or when they would want to release the final installment. Rumor has it that the creative forces behind the series had hoped to build a shared ‘Pacific Rim’ universe following a part 3, but how likely that still is nowadays with middling box-office returns is unknown. What are your thoughts on seeing ‘Pacific Rim 3?’ It is worth another shot? Or should they just let the franchise die? Feel free to share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

SOURCE: Cinemablend