Warner Bros. has just entered talks to develop and direct the movie based on the ‘Minecraft’ game franchise with Shawn Levy.

Shawn Levy is best known for his work on the ‘Night at the Museum’ movies. Warner Bros.’ decision to discuss the project with Levy looks to be an understandable one what with him having had previous experience turning higher concepts into full-scale films in the past i.e ‘Real Steel,’ ‘Date Night,’ ‘The Watch.’

The upcoming ‘Minecraft’ movie is also being produced by Roy Lee under his Vertigo Entertainment banner. Through the use of Lee’s experience having played a part in producing ‘The LEGO Movie,’ which already has planned sequels and spin-offs,  it seems that there are similar plans by Warner Bros. to create a large-scale film franchise using the ‘Minecraft’ license under his guidance.

All things considered, as far as how both Levy and Lee will turn ‘Minecraft’ into a full-length feature film, much less a live-action one, is still quite unclear. The whole concept seems to be very much up in the air what with ‘Minecraft’ not really having much of an actual story to begin with. The game itself revolves around a simple but very game-like premise. Players create their own avatar and are then dropped into a world where they must mine resources to build structures while surviving the dangers of nocturnal monsters.

‘Minecraft’ was created by Swedish indie developer MOJANG. The studio was recently acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, which had prompted its original founders to leave the company to pursue new projects. Originally a small-scale indie title, the success ‘Minecraft’ had turned it into a household name across the world for gamers young and old. The Xbox 360 version has sold over 10 million copies alone.

As of writing, the ‘Minecraft’ movie still has no proposed release date.