Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Kenzi tried to help but ended up cursing both Dyson and Bo after she invoked Baba Yaga.  Lesson learned? Don’t involve a Slovakian witch in affairs of the heart. You’ll end up in an ice bath and STILL have a broken heart.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Dyson, Bo and Kenzi are walking down the street. (I know, it sounds like the set up to a Loft Girl joke. But no joke there they were.) Bo and Kenz have a job and they need Dyson to use his puppy nose to sniff out the problem. Kenzi, “oh my god! Guys! This just in! You’re a policeman that is also his own police dog!” (Leave it to Kenzi to point out the weird but obvious.) Unfortunately for the gals the blood on the shirt they brought Dyson is neither of the two people involved in their case. It’s cow blood. (Gross) Before they can get into more detail, Dyson hears a noise in the alley and gets a little wolfie. He’s jump from behind. Bo jumps in to save Dyson with a… garden hose? (Really? A hose? WTH? Ok I’m not complaining because Dyson’s wearing a white shirt and we all knows what happens when white gets wet! It just has to come off!) No evil Dark Fae plot here though, the guy is a packmate of Dyson’s.

The gals watch on as the guys drink it up like old buds. The only thing Kenzi can make out is his name’s Cayden.  The testosterone is getting pretty darn heavy at the Dal when the guys press forehead to forehead and growl like wild beasts. Bo, “So THAT is normal male behavior?” Kenzi, “uuuh it’s either something bi curious or they’re just hungry. Either way I’m just glad they’re not sniffin each other’s butts.” According to the Trick-o-pedia the guys are buds from way back – as in hundreds of years way back. They were warriors in the same shifter pack.
We’re now entering the Faetime machine – watch your heads – Swords are flying! Men in medieval garb fight in the woods along a stream. Dyson is looking particularly scruffy with wild braids and a fur across his shoulders. (This is where we hit a sour note for me. The costuming is frakkin ridiculous! For shame costume director! For shame! Do NOT put your warriors in frakkin JEANS if you plan to do close-ups of their arses! And don’t even get me starts on that hella bad piece of crap hanging off Dyson’s back!)

According to Trick, wolves in a pack serve their king until death. Dyson for some reason severed that tie long ago but Cayden didn’t. So that means one thing; the wolf king has died. All of the packmates have scattered to the winds. Some have found other kings, some are going solo. Dyson quietly asks about Ciara. Cayden regretfully tells him that shortly after the king died she threw herself on a grenade. Dyson doesn’t believe a word of it. It’s not something Ciara would do.

In the woods of the past – Dyson sings as Ciara walks up. She’s been tending to the wounded and wants to see to the one on his arm. Her husband, Stephen takes her on his lap and they laugh. The warriors are full of victory spirits. But the fun gets soured when the king sends word that he wants an audience with Stephen.

Lauren calls Bo frantically wanting Bo to meet her. Bo meets her at the succu-mansion. The Ash has put all humans in lockdown. She panicked and ran. Bo wants to run on over to the Light Fae compound and give the Ash a piece of her fist but Lachlan has no idea Lauren’s gone.  Lauren is welcome to stay at Bo’s untill it’s all sorted out. Kenzi, “gee I wonder what could possible go wrong?

After many mugs and much singing, Dyson finally asks why Cayden is paying a visit. Cayden is hunting down a weapon that was stolen a few weeks ago. It’s a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) the likes of which puts nukes to shame. He knows it was shipped to town. Dyson can’t help him; the docks are Dark Fae territory. But he knows someone that can.

The drunken wolf boys show up at Bo’s looking for more than a booty call.  Dyson spots Lauren and feels awkward, while Cayden makes himself comfy next to Kenzi on the couch. The guys want Bo to track down a Mongolian Death Worm. Kenzi, “I’m guessing its powers aren’t moving real slow then baking on the sidewalk in the sun?” This worm can produce an electrical force that can liquefy anything. What they need is a neutral kind of succubus to go to the docks and take a look around.

Bo tries to play like she knows what she’s doing but almost releases a cucagen in the processes. Nasty little cute bunch of grass – lets off toxin fumes or something. The best thing to do in situations like this is to tell the truth. So she just comes clean and tells the shop keeper/arms dealer she’s the neutral succubus and she’s looking for a new worm toy. (That came out all kinds of wrong.)
Dyson and Cayden wait outside in the car. Even though the Norn has taken the love he has for Bo he’s still concerned for her safety. He’s definitely on DEFCON level 3 of nerves.

Long ago he faced a similar situation when Stephen was sent across enemy lines on a delivery run. (Again with the close-ups of the blue jeans! This is going to drive me mad! I gotta let it go. Sigh.) Dyson tries to talk him out of it but Stephen swore an oath to the King and accepts his fate. Dyson knows of one thing he can try. (No Dyson don’t do it!) He seeks out the Norn! This was the first time she demands his wolf as payment to save the life of his friend. This time he thinks the price is too high. He refuses.

Back in the warehouse Mr. Cumberbach, the arms dealer isn’t playing fair. He takes Bo to the back then drops a net over her and shoots her with a new toy. At first it doesn’t do anything when it hits her hand but then the pain drops her to her knees. Before he can kill her, Cayden intervenes. (So is Cayden not Light Fae? If not why didn’t he just go get the Worm himself?) As they’re heading to the car, Dyson notices she’s hurt. He offers to heal her but she brushes him off. He’s not the only wolf in town now.

Bo wastes no time getting Cayden to “heal” her. Then enter awkwardville – Lauren is baking, yes baking, in the kitchen while Dyson and Kenzi are surfing the net. This is one seriously open set of relationships! Bo’s concerned that Lauren might be mad. Lauren understands, Bo has to heal. But you can tell from the look that Dyson is SO not ok with it. Kenzi’s hacker buds are able to crack the laptop Bo scored from the warehouse. Mr. Cumberbach has planned a swanky soiree of the most unreputable to auction off the worm. Bo and Kenzi get to go undercover. Let the bidding begin!

At the auction – The Mongolian Deathworm is placed on display… a sweet little old lady named Velma. Nobody thinks this woman can possibly be a WMD, until her powers are demonstrated. Don’t take the old gal’s tv away unless you need to vaporize a tank. She can’t play well with others if she’s not watching her beloved tv. The bidding soars! In the end, Bo wins the bid with a staggering $155 million. Bo has no intentions of paying. Instead, she and Dyson claim Velma in the name of the Ash.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Cayden steps in to “reclaim” his weapon. Brikim was supposed to be Cayden’s partner, but he stolen the worm out from under him. So Cayden is really just taking back that which he rightfully stole in the first place.

Dyson and Bo finally track Cayden back to the warehouse. Chaos ensues. Both wolves go at each other while Bo and Hale try to coax Velma to safety. Cayden tries to escape but he’s too wounded to get far. Dyson and Bo track him to a van outside. They find more than just Cayden. They also find Ciara – alive and well in the back of the van. Distracted with this new discovery, Cayden is able to escape. (I don’t think Dyson minds one bit. Cayden? Cayden who? No Dyson! Don’t look at her like that!!)
The Scooby gang safely delivers Velma to the Ash. (Is this really a good idea? You just handed over an extremely volatile weapon to a very questionable leader.) Ciara finds safety with Dyson. (A little too much safety if you ask me.) And Lauren is safely squirreled away at the succu-mansion. (At least Bo can find comfort in that.)

This wasn’t one of the better episodes of ‘Lost Girl’. In fact, I think it was my least favorite of both seasons so far. Not only was the costuming off the chain bad, Dyson gets all mushy with this new Ciara! (Insert wolf growl here) It just seemed like a throw-away episode. Sure it tied up that Norn loose end – why didn’t Dyson give up his wolf the first time but then he gave it up for Bo? But that’s all it had going for it. What do you think?

Stay Fae y’all!

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