With the tenth and final season of ‘Smallville’ upon us, it’s hard not to reminisce about Clark Kent’s early days on his farm and how he has come closer than ever to embracing his destiny.  He and his friends have been through so much together, and the history they share is rich.  It’s filled with the overcoming of evil with good and the defeat of both earthly and Kryptonian enemies. 

What we’ll especially miss is the camaraderie they shared.  While they had their ups and downs, Clark Kent, Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Tess Mercer and others shared a dynamic relationship.  Even when they didn’t agree, they still managed to come together and fight for the same cause.  They each had a specialized role to play and they orchestrated their roles perfectly.

We’ll also miss an hour of time each week where we were able to escape into the early life of a super hero in the making.   Most of us are familiar with Superman when he entered his prime, but ‘Smallville’ allowed us personal glimpses into Clark’s life as a farm boy.  A gentle giant, not only did he have to master his abilities but he had to originally learn what they were as well.

Like all teenagers, Clark had moments where he struggled with relationships, love, friendships, and more.  He experienced moments of confusion, embarrassment and rejection.  We watched him first-hand during those difficult teenage years when he wanted to be like everyone else by couldn’t pull it off.  But through it all he was able to relate to younger viewers, showing them that even he felt as though he didn’t fit in like most teenagers do at times. 

As ‘Smallville’ proceeds through its final season, there are sure to be some answers or perhaps even new paths for Clark and his friends to take.  In the meantime, we can always remember what made the show so special to us from the start. 

The tenth season of ‘Smallville’ continues on January 28, 2011 on the CW.