Spoiler alert! Season finale goodies ahead!

Faye is being chained up by one of Eben’s witch hunter goons while Eben calls Cassie and offers to trade Faye for one crystal. The rest of the group wants to consult with Blackwell for guidance on what to do, but Diana wants nothing to do with him. They decide to create the crystal skull and deal with Blackwell after they save Faye. Dawn checks on Charles, who is still troubled by what happened in his kitchen. She tells Charles that he isn’t crazy, that Blackwell wanted him to think he was being haunted by Amelia’s ghost. They vow to help their daughters with the only option they have left.

Blackwell, Diana, and Cassie

Cassie and Diana meet up with Blackwell to work the spell to make the crystal skull. Each family crystal must be destroyed so that they can meld back together, but this means that their Circle will be unbound. This is bad news since the group had planned to use their Circle magic against Blackwell. Diana is against the unbinding, but Cassie believes it’s the only way to get the crystal skull, a much more powerful weapon than their Circle magic. They forge ahead. Melissa, Jake, and Adam feel the Circle break, and Adam accidentally uses his solo magic to force Jake onto the ground. Of course this means Faye’s solo magic is back, too, and she wastes no time in freeing herself and knocking out Eben’s bodyguard. She calls Dawn for help. Charles’ mother Kate arrives – she is their last option. She says their power was destroyed when the elders stripped it from them, so she gives them her power.

Cassie and Diana help the skull finalize its form (a crystal skull, but you knew that, right?). Its power is staggering. Unable to get  Cassie or Diana on the phone, Melissa and Jake move on the ferry to save Faye. Adam leaves to check on the sisters. Cassie acts obsessed with the skull’s power and is reluctant to hand it over to Blackwell. Catching on, Diana pipes up, saying Cassie should be the one who uses the skull to destroy Eben. Blackwell reveals that they don’t have the same goal after all, and then knocks both girls out with magic. They awaken back at the clubhouse where Blackwell has spelled them in place. It looks like the rest of the Circle are on their own.

Melissa and Jake to the rescue!

Melissa and Jake find Faye, but Eben pins the three of them to the ground. He ties them up, binds them with an ash ring, and sets the room on fire. Luckily, Charles and Dawn arrive on the scene. Charles sends Dawn on to help the kids while he faces Eben. The spell that Charles casts expels the demons from Eben. Dawn is able to extinguish the fires in the room with one sweep. The demons slither into Charles, and Jake separates from the ladies in time to stab and kill Eben.

Cassie and Diana are furious with Blackwell as he spills the details of his plans, much like every terrible villain stereotype before him. He never wanted to kill Eben. He was only interested in making a Circle of broken, insecure orphans who would follow his every command. Blackwell plans to use the crystal skull to kill every witch that doesn’t have Balcoin blood.

Full of demons, Charles asks Dawn to tell Diana he loves her, and throws himself overboard. As Blackwell’s spell continues, the other witches are suddenly paralyzed by horrible pain. It looks as though they are burning – a throwback to being burned at the stake?

Faye and Dawn

Adam arrives at the clubhouse. There are 4 more Balcoin witches in other cities that Blackwell wants to form into a Circle of their own. As Blackwell throws Adam around the room, Cassie tries to break the spell binding them to get to the skull. Her power alone isn’t enough – she needs Diana’s dark magic too. But there’s only one way to trigger it… Cassie chokes Diana, and suddenly their combined power explodes. Together they reverse the crystal skull spell, releasing Adam and the others but killing Blackwell and burning him to a crisp.

The skull is indestructible, but they can surround it with lead and throw it in the ocean. They choose Adam to get rid of it since he has the best moral compass. They argue about whether or not to rebind the Circle. Diana needs to get away from Cassie and her dark magic. Faye knows they will still be connected even if the Circle isn’t bound again. The group scatters. Diana leaves town with Grant. Melissa and Faye prepare for a wild night about town, drunk on their rediscovered solo magic. Now we enter the end-of-season montage. Jake finds a note and a mysterious scroll from his grandfather that portends of impending trouble. Cassie and Diana discover both of them have the Balcoin seal seared into their palms. Diana is upset but Cassie seems delighted by it. Adam succumbs to the power of the crystal skull, caressing it. Kate binds the demons within Charles – perhaps the same spell used on Heather years ago. And on the edge of Chance Harbor, a group of four teens faces the town, Balcoin seals on their palms.

So that was the season finale! No word yet on whether there will be a second, but I liked the way this ended. There was enough closure that I could guess where things led in case there’s no second season, but open enough that there will plenty of plotlines to pick up if they do get renewed. I’m glad Blackwell’s story didn’t drag on. If there will be more to this story, it will be about the other Balcoin bloodline witches. Do they struggle with dark magic, or were they already swayed by Blackwell’s sweet talking? Will they be as powerful as Cassie? And what will their combined magics be capable of?

What were your thoughts?

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