It’s that time of year again when all of the networks start signing contracts to renew or cancel our favorite shows and to make new shows from all those pilots and pitches we’ve read about.

In the latest round of television announcements, Deadline reports that ABC has renewed seven of the networks scripted series. Of interest to us here at is that the fairy tale drama ‘Once Upon a Time’ has been officially renewed for a second season. This is fantastic news for me personally and I’m sure many of you reading this. I haven’t been watching the ratings on ‘Once Upon a Time’ but I’ve definitely been watching the show and it’s one of my favorites right now. Plus with the rush towards the first season finale picking up steam, I’d hate to see the tale of the town of Storybrooke cut short… and now it’s not!

In other news, NBC announced a round of renewals and new shows of its own. THR reports that among the renewals of hit shows like ‘Community’ and ’30 Rock’, NBC also signed a deal to bring the Jekyll and Hyde show ‘Do No Harm’ to the screen. When we last heard about ‘Do No Harm’ a couple of months ago, it was one of the many sci-fi pilots that were being marketed around and one of several Jekyll and Hyde shows.

This version of Jekyll and Hyde is a modern retelling of the classic horror drama, starring Steven Pasquale (‘Rescue Me’) as a neurosurgeon who has his own issues with a violent darker side. It also stars Phylicia Rashad (‘The Cosby Show’), and Alana De La Garza (‘CSI: Miami’) and will be written by David Schulner (‘The Event’).

With the popularity of sci-fi and fantasy on television, I can’t wait to see what other new shows come down the pike for 2012. Stay tuned for any new info as we get it.

Update 5/11/2012: Mere minutes after this story was published Syfy’s Blastr revealed the first promotional image for ‘Do No Harm’. The image features Steven Pasquale as both side of his personality. It’s also revealed that Pasquale’s character is officially called Jeffery Kohl and his monstrous alter ego is called Ian Price. So I guess it’s more Dr. Kohl and Mr. Price, but that doesn’t have the ring of Jekyll and Hyde, does it? Anyway… here’s that promo shot: