NBC’s ‘Grimm‘ is coming to a close and the sixth season’s penultimate episode, ‘Zerstörer Shrugged‘ has thrown fans for a loop that will make the series finale an entirely different beast than what we’ve seen so far. David Giuntoli has taken some time to share a tease of what to expect in the series finale as the last hour brings things to a close in quite shocking ways.

Talking about shock, fans were shocked by how ‘Zerstörer Shrugged’ came to a close, so if you’re not caught up, I do have to warn you that there are some spoilers below.

So what significant change is Giuntoli hinting will come about in the series finale?

“We play with–this is a tease I haven’t given anyone–the fabric of space-time in a way we have not yet seen. Imagine you’re riding on a ray of light. Yes, we play with time. You’re going to see the future, and you’re going to see time jumps.”

Time travel can either work wonderfully or be the death knell of a story. As we’re coming to a series finale, let’s just hope it makes things work and doesn’t ruin the six season legacy that fans have fallen in love with. While he didn’t outright say time travel here, that does seem to be more of the direction he is hinting we’re going than just checking out various parts of the story’s timeline.

While Giuntoli wouldn’t say if Hank and Wu would appear again, he did share one piece of information that everyone should be happy to hear:

“It ends. There’s no like ‘what happened’ ambiguity. It is fully spelled out for you. People will be happy.”

If they left things off on a cliffhanger, there would probably be quite a bit of fan outrage so that at least is a good thing.

Are you looking forward to seeing how ‘Grimm’ comes to a close? Do you feel that seeing the series through multiple points in time, possibly with time travel, is a good thing? Share your thoughts below!

‘Grimm’ will come to a close on NBC on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET

Source: TV Line

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