From the very beginning of filming, Vin Diesel has shown his love for the fans and the sequel to ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ on his Facebook page. And yesterday he showed more love by sharing a photo from his film ‘Riddick.’

‘Riddick’ is currently in post -production and this is the first image that Diesel has shared since the film wrapped last month. The photo has Diesel in full shirtless glory holding a staff that looks like it was made from some unfortunate being that dared to challenge him.

In addition to the still, Diesel posted this on his page:

Riddick’ was written and directed by David Twohy who also wrote and directed the previous two movies in the series and while the studios hasn’t given it a release date yet, Diesel did mentioned that they said the earliest would be in January 2013.

From the way Diesel has been talking about this sequel, fans that loved the first movie, ‘Pitch Black,’ but were disappointed in its sequel, ‘Chronicles of Riddick,’ will most likely love this installment. In any case, (and speaking as a bona fide fangirl) it’s worth the price of the movie just to see Diesel as he is below!

Check it out and let me know how much you like Diesel’s…ahem…weapon!