The real story of Cinderella was told in last night’s episode of ‘Grimm’ when Nick and Hank investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch.


Prince Charming…I mean Arthur…sits in his car and begins to panic as he hears the news of his investment broker committing suicide as the Feds hone in on his Ponzi scheme. Arthur is frantic as he invested all he had with this broker. When he gets home, he is greeted by Cinderella…er…Lucinda… who just came back from a massive shopping spree. Unable to tell her that they are now broke, he tells her how incredible she looks and heads downstairs to meet Lucinda’s fairy godfather, Spencer.

Arthur explains to Spencer that he had invested all the couple’s and company’s funds to the shady broker. Spencer suggests that Arthur ask Lucinda’s step-mother for help. But when they arrive at Mavis’ (the step-mother) home, she refuses to help. After all, it’s been a year since he married her step-daughter and has still not been invited to his home. Once she dismissed Arthur, Spencer reminds Mavis how it is only because of her dead husband’s money that she’s now a lady of grandeur and is still not cutting hair in Beaverton. He tries to change her mind but she is adamant about not giving them a dime and tells Spencer to get a life.

Later that night, Mavis hears noises and she gets out of bed to investigate. The noises seem to be coming from under her bed. As she kneels down and pulls the bed skirt aside, something lashes out and scratchers her face. Mavis is terrified and runs. The Wesen finds her and begins to emit a high pitch noise which breaks glass and fries the brain. Mavis loses unconsciousness and falls over the railing to the floor down below.

Juliette wakes Nick up who was dreaming about the time he faced Marquesa , the Schakaln who killed his parents in the episode ‘Three Coins in a Fuchsbau.’ As they talk, Juliette asks about Farley, the Steinadler who loved Aunt Marie. He tells her he let him go and she offers to follow up on his parent’ murders first thing in the morning.

The police are called to Mavis’ home after her daughter Tiffany found her dead body. Sgt. Wu gives his report and the detectives notice an abundance of broken glass around the body and on the second floor. Nick and Hank question Mavis’ daughters and ask if they knew who would murder their mother. Tiffany names Arthur while Taylor tells them about their step-sister Lucinda. The girls inform Nick and Hank about Arthur’s and Spencer’s visit the day before to ask for money and tells them that Spencer never liked Mavis thinking that the only reason she married Henry was for his money.

Juliette keeps her promise to Nick and calls the detective that was assigned to the case of his mom and dad’s death. Arnold doesn’t remember too much about the case but gets Nick’s number so he can call him after he looks at the file.

Nick and Hank visit Arthur and Lucinda’s home while Arthur and Spencer look at what they could liquidate. As they all gathered, the detectives tell Lucinda that Mavis was murdered. Spencer and Arthur are upset that the detectives are implying that they may have something to do with the murder. Expressing his indignation, Spencer turns into a Wesen in front of Nick.

As they leave the Jarvis house, Nick receives a call from the detective who investigated Nick’s parents’ “accident”. He tells Nick that they actually had four suspects at the time. Nick recognized the names of three of them (Solidad Marquesa, Hans Rolf, and Ian Flynn) but the last name, Akira Kimora, Nick did not know.  Nick is shocked as he can’t believe he’s already had encounters with three of the four men who may have been responsible for his parents’ death.

At the precinct, Arthur is being interrogated by the detectives. He tells them how he met Tiffany and Taylor at a black tie event and although he danced with both girls, one look of Lucinda and he fell in love. Arthur tells Nick and Hank how Lucinda had lost her mother at a young age and that her father had remarried 2 years later and then died 7 months after. He puts down the step-sisters comments to the police as driven by jealousy as Lucinda is very beautiful while the step-sisters “not so much.”

Now it’s Lucinda turn to be interrogated and she tells the detectives how she doesn’t get along with her step-family. Hank informs her that her father’s estate was left to her step-sisters but Lucinda doesn’t care. She has Arthur and is in love. As for Spencer, he’s the only family she’s ever had since her father’s death.

While being questioned by the detectives, Spencer tells them that Lucinda’s father and he grew up together. On Henry’s deathbed, he made a promise to always look after Lucinda.

The detectives inform Captain Renard about the case and he tells them that Tiffany and Taylor are politically well connected so if they have anything that could connect them to Mavis’ murder, it better be good.

Now at home, Arthur tries to ally Lucinda’s fears about their financial status. Arthur tries to reassure her and tells her they can start over and how much he loves her. She tells him that she’s not upset about the money but needs closure when it comes to her family and insists on going to Mavis’ home. Arthur doesn’t like this idea and tells her if Tiffany or Taylor could kill their own mother, what’s to stop them from killing her.

Back at Mavis’ home, Taylor is begging Tiffany to give some of the inheritance to Lucinda but she refuses. Meanwhile, Arthur calls Spencer and tells him that Lucinda has gone to Mavis’ home. Spencer is livid and goes after her.

Lucinda drops in on Tiffany and the step-sisters fight. Tiffany tells Lucinda how she was a terror while Lucinda counters how Mavis and the step-sisters never wanted her to be part of their family. Tiffany accuses Lucinda about acting like the little princess as though she was entitled to everything. She tells Lucinda that she will not be giving them any money and that she know that Arthur and Spencer were responsible for killing Marvis.

As she gets in the car to drive away, Lucinda hurries in front of it begging Tiffany to hear her out. Tiffany tells her to get out of the way but instead, Lucinda turns into a Murcielago, the same bat-like creature that killed Mavis!

At Aunt Marie’s trailer, Monroe and Nick are able to identify Spencer as a Murcielago but Monroe knows them via their German name which translated means “bat outta hell.” They emit a high pitch sound that can shatter ear drums, pop eyeballs, rupture nasal passages and blow out bowels. To fight these Wesens, a Grimm would need a Murcielago Matraca, a hand cranked siren which causes havoc on the Murcielago’s ultrasonic sound waves. As luck would have it, Aunt Marie has one in her trailer!

Nick goes looking for Spencer and Arthur tells him he might have gone over to Mavis’ as he was furious. As Nick heads over there, he calls Hank for back up.

Spencer did indeed go to visit Tiffany but instead finds her dead in her car with the windows shattered. As he tries to figure out how to protect Lucinda, Nick drives up and pulls his gun out. Spencer tries to explain that that he had nothing to do with Tiffany’s death. Nick arrests him.

While under arrest at the precinct, Spencer decides to “confess.” He admits to killing Mavis and Tiffany because they turned down Arthur’s request for money and refused to help Lucinda. When Hank asks him how he committed the murders, Spencer (to Nick’s dismay) tells him that he has the ability to emit sounds so powerful that it could shatter glass and ultimately explode arteries. Hank thinks this is a tactic and that Spencer is trying to act like he’s crazy. After Hank leaves, Spencer tells Nick the truth. That Lucinda is the killer and that she has no conscience and made her step-mother and step-sisters’ lives miserable. Taylor will be the next victim since once she’s dead, Lucinda will inherit everything. Nick calls Monroe to meet him and bring the Matraca.

Spencer escapes the interrogation room by blowing out the windows with his high pitch noise and rushes to Arthur’s house. He finds Arthur in the foyer with scratches on his face. Arthur tells him that he tried to stop her but she got angry and told him that she never loved him. He tells Spencer that she is headed to Taylor’s.

But it’s too late. Lucinda is already in the house and goes after Taylor. Just before she is about to kill her, Nick and Hank burst in and Lucinda runs. Monroe arrives just in time to help Nick go after her. Lucinda is trapped in the garage and the boys use the Matraca to lure her out. Panicked, Lucinda tries to find somewhere to get away from the noise and runs into Spencer. She begs Spencer to help her.

Monroe and Nick stop cranking the Matraca but not before they hear a high pitch sound. They run toward the garage but the noise stops. Outside the garage, Spencer is looking at what appears to be Lucinda’s dead body. He apologizes to it saying he did the best he could and leans over to lay a kiss on her forehead.  But Lucinda was only half dead and grabs Spencer and kills him before finally dying herself.  This brings new meaning to “happily ever after.”

This episode of ‘Grimm’ was a filler but a very entertaining one! Following the format of ‘Wicked,’ it gave the classic ‘Cinderella’ story a new dark twist with Cinderella being the ugly step-sister who dominated over the daughters.

With another week of ‘Grimm’ not furthering Nick’s story and his involvement and connection to Captain Renard and the seven royal families, I’m hoping that the last two episodes of the season will answer some of our questions left from the episode ‘Cat and Mouse.’

But before we get to those last two episodes, make sure you read up on last week’s recap of ‘Leave It To Beavers’ and be prepared for next week’s show!