When ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘ hits Starz this Fall you have to wonder if there will be further time travel involved so Bruce Campbell. has opened up on that and more! When ‘Evil Dead 2’ came to a close we saw that Ash was transported into a time of knights and demons which set the stage for ‘Army of Darkness.’ If you wanted to know if the events of the upcoming series will take advantage of time travel or not you’ll want to keep on reading! He also shares a bit more on things to expect as well.

So before we find out about the rest of the tone of the series, let’s see what Campbell has to say on time travel since some of his more memorable lines came from ‘Army of Darkness’:

“I would just say just don’t be surprised if it does happen because it has happened. So I would say that would be on the table as well. Especially, once you get into a series, your stories have got to cover you for five freakin’ years, you know what I mean? We’re having the discussions with the writing team now where we’re like “Okay, season 2!””

That wasn’t really a yes or a no. However, I almost feel like he is hinting that it is something we’ll probably have to wait for a second season to actually have happen. If time travel doesn’t happen, will there be any other throwbacks to the original series aside from the return of the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

“You just have got to pretty much look closely on your high-definition television set. There’s a lot of stuff in Ash’s trailer that is similar to what we had in the past movies. There’s references to things like Michigan State University and Faygo Redpop! The art department really went crazy making it s authentic as possible. I remember Sam and I walking through it and we were just blown away. So for the intense fan there’s a lot for them to look at. We’re also going to revisit — I have to be careful how I say this — but we’re going to revisit some things that are familiar, and the recreations are amazing.”

S-Mart? The Cabin? The ruins from the castle he visited? There are a lot of options we might be seeing when the series hits the small screen. Nostalgic pieces aside, what will the tone of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ end up being like?

“I would say it’s going to be like itself. For the simple reason that all the movies are different, this is bound to be a little bit different also. It is a combination of horror and comedy. And every episode will have varying degrees of that. So we take the horror seriously, that’s for sure. But we had to tell Starz and remind them that, you know, these movies are not just straight horror — they’re a little weird. They’re not goofy. It’s not that sort of thing. But they will have a comedic edge to it.”

Fans of the series should be happy since that really sounds like they’ll be taking varying degrees of what we’ve all seen and enjoyed over the years and running with that. One of the main parts of the humor will of course be Ash’s age at this point.

“We’re not dancing around it. We don’t have to break out the walker just yet, but Ash is definitely going to be a guy that is not really suited for the job.”

One thing that perfectly applies here is the saying that “Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment” as:

“I read an essay once how you should send the old guys into battle because they know what’s coming. If they get killed, they’ve already lived a long life, and they know what pain is. Ash is kind of like that. He’s the guy they actually need to send in there because he knows all their tricks. He’s clever in his own way and very resilient. So our team will definitely be challenged in every direction. Ash in is way over his head from the get-go.”

It looks as if on top of the new plot of an older Ash trying to once again beat down the Deadite hordes, we’ll also be getting a lot of tributes to the past. I can’t wait to see how our favorite S-Mart employee ends up rocking a Boomstick this time around.

What are your thoughts on ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’? Are you looking forward to the series as much as I am or should Raimi and Campbell have let sleeping dogs lie?

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ will premiere on Halloween night, October 31st, on Starz.

Source: Entertainment Weekly