Erin Richards

What if you woke up to find yourself lying on the ground next to five other people and nearby is an open grave full of decaying corpses? That’s the premise of 852 Films’ latest thriller title, appropriately, ‘Open Grave’.

According to Deadline, ‘Open Grave’ is already well under way. The film will be directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (‘Apollo 18’) and produced by William Green and Aaron Ginsburg. The cast already includes ‘Thomas Kretschmann (‘King Kong’), Josie Ho (‘Contagion’), Joseph Morgan (‘The Vampire Diaries’), Erin Richards (‘Being Human’), and Max Wrottesley (‘Hugo’).

With a cast of young up-and-coming stars and a creepy premise, ‘Open Grave’ sounds like it has the potential to be a fun romp. Are the six people part of a game a la ‘Saw’? Or maybe one of the six is the killer?

What do you think? Based on the premise, would you see ‘Open Grave’? Or does the cast and idea turn you away already? Comment below and let us know.