Well it looks like we’re up for our second official reboot of the ‘Halloween‘ franchise as ‘Halloween Returns’ is said to bring Michael Myers back to the big screen. We no longer have to wonder if the return of Myers will be from John Carpenter’s version or that of Rob Zombie as according to sources, we’ll be getting an entirely new take on the character. Bringing back this masked killer feels like the filmmakers are taking a page out of the ‘Scream‘ and ‘Friday the 13th‘ playbooks by focusing on the killer years after the original murders were committed. It should be noted that this is the third reboot of a Carpenter creation announced this year with ‘Escape from New York‘ and ‘Big Trouble in Little China‘ already in the works.

We’ve already known that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan of the ‘Saw’ franchise fame were working on the script and now it seems that Dunstan will also be directing the film!

In this new take we’ll see Myers incarcerated years after his initial killing spree. We’ll be introduced to the 18 year old child of one of the Haddonfield victims. The other lead will be one of the children of a cop who has been obsessed with the case for years and put it before raising his daughter. The daughter and other teen will break into the prison in order to watch the execution with some of their friends.

Of course, things don’t go according to plan and instead of being executed, Myers escapes and ends up hunting the teens. So aside from following how ‘Scream’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ have things setup this also sounds a little like Wes Craven’s 1989 horror hit ‘Shocker’ about a serial killer coming back from the dead and hunting those responsible for his capture.

No word if we’ll see Myers make a play for Laurie Strode in the film. As casting is coming soon, we should be hearing a lot more on the film sooner than later and will keep you updated as we hear more! Considering filming begins in July most likely a good chunk of the casting has already been done behind the scenes.

According to Bob Weinstein:

“Michael Myers has taken a long break from the big screen and we know fans are eager to see him return. We are excited to be back in business with Trancas and look forward to bringing one of the scariest installments of this classic franchise to audiences worldwide.’

It’s been six years since the last ‘Halloween’ reboot, which in horror franchises seems to sadly be a long enough time for a second reboot to be made possible. Executive Producer Malek Akkad addst:

“The legacy of Halloween is something that Trancas is very proud of, and I look forward to working together again with Bob and Dimension to continue that tradition.”

To be fair, Akkad has had a long history with Myers and if anyone will try to keep his legacy intact, Akkard would be that person.

Are you glad to hear that we’re getting a reboot of ‘Halloween’ instead of a follow up of Rob Zombie’s version? Does the film even need a reboot or should the studio try creating something entirely new to keep us up at night? Share your thoughts below!

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