For the last several weeks HBO has been teasing ‘True Blood’ fans with raw clips of season 5 with the tag line ‘Waiting Sucks.’ If you weren’t watching ‘Game of Thrones’ last night then you might have missed their latest release featuring Eric and Pam.

In this clip, Eric is demanding to know if Pam had anything to do with Russell being dug up from the grave.  Of course, his amount of distrust shocks her but what do you expect considering Pam’s betrayal in the finale?

The teasers so far have been from scenes they have filmed without any of the visual effects added and although they reveal very little spoilers (if any), it’s great to see the actors returning in their roles.

If you missed any of the ‘Waiting Sucks’ clips, we have them all for you below. ‘True Blood’ doesn’t return until June 10th so until then, we’ll just have to continue waiting…and as the tag goes…waiting sucks!

Who else is excited about ‘True Blood’s’ season premiere?

‘True Blood’ Waiting Sucks: Eric/Pam:

‘True Blood’ Waiting Sucks: Sam/Luna:

‘True Blood’ Waiting Sucks: Terry/Patrick:

‘True Blood’ Waiting Sucks: Sookie/Alcide: