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Earlier this year, Disney XD debuted a series of shorts from Passion Pictures, the studio behind The Gorillaz’s animated music videos. Titled ‘Rocket & Groot’, the shorts starred everyone’s favorite genetically modified raccoon and his best friend/muscle/houseplant. But now the network has unveiled plans for more of these short form stories from the House of Ideas that happen to be the perfect marriage of subject and medium. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney XD will air six animated shorts starring Scott Lang as the size-shifting superhero known as Ant-Man. Scheduled for June 10 and 11, Josh Keaton (who has previously played Green Lantern, The Flash, and Spider-Man) will voice the former thief turned shrinking hero as he fights alongside the Wasp and Hank Pym against threats like the nefarious Yellowjacket, while occasionally taking breaks to check in on his daughter, Cassie. 

Just as ‘Rocket & Groot’ seemed to take inspiration from comic book creator Skottie Young, it appears that ‘Ant-Man’ will also take some visual cues from the pages of Marvel Comics. In the first images from the shorts, you can see hints of the legendary Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. The colors are also reminiscent of the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, but also maybe some Mike and Laura Allred as well. Regardless of whose styles are replicated in the shorts, you can get a first look at them courtesy of the pictures below:



Finally, if you’re looking to know when exactly to set your DVR in case you’re not awake in time for Saturday morning cartoons, the first short titled ‘Science Fair’ will air at 7:58 am ET on June 10th, with the next two (‘Alien Invasion’ and ‘Soup Time’) following at 11:58 am and 2:58 pm. ‘Exterminator’, ‘Proton Cube’, and ‘Not a Date’ debut the next day at 11:28 am, 5:28 pm, and 8:58 pm, respectively.

What do you think about Disney XD’s latest Marvel animated shorts starring Ant-Man? Are you excited to check them out? Sound off in the comments.

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