I have followed the “Skies” since the 2nd Mass moved out in SeasonOone. I am indeed a fan, and looking forward to when Season 4 starts this June on TNT! New showrunner David Eick (‘Battlestar Galactica’), now takes the helm as Remi Aubuchon moves on. (Let’s hope it’s to helm a new ‘Caprica’ series, but not likely). The new helmsman was heard talking about multiple separations of the core characters that will be seen in this season’s ‘Falling Skies’ and how it was inspired from ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ in telling parallel stories for its cast.

“Characters will evolve, storylines will branch out and new love triangles will emerge, but the looming alien threat will remain as the central driving force in the show.”

WonderCon gave us a sneak peek at season 4 as as Moon Bloodgood (Dr. Ann Glass) and several of her cast members gave some tasty tidbits an interview with Collider. 

Bloodgood confirmed that Tom Mason (Noah Wylie) and Ann’s hybrid daughter, (who had a growth spurt of epic proportions last season) will return, only to be a fully grown adult payed by Scarlett Byrne (‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lake Placid’). That’s right, Pansy Parkinson Potterheads! Doug Jones, who plays Cochise of the Earth friendly Volm aliens, told the WonderCon crowd:  “Everyone goes a little crazy this year,” And a delighted Moon Bloodgood says: “I get to be this warrior and get enraged and kill, and that’s more fun to play,” In a quote regarding her major personality change, Bloodgood stated:

“Ann comes into her own.  She stops being this middle of the road character.  Her anger takes the lead.  She’s usually so level-headed and this time she’s a woman who you don’t want to mess with because this is her baby.  Her daughter has been separated from her and she’s going to find her way back to her.”

As I said before, I’m a fan of “Falling Skies,” and I’m certainly waiting rather impatiently for Season Four!

Let’s hear your thoughts kids, is “Falling Skies” good television? Or could you care less? Leave your comments below!

‘Falling Skies’ premieres on TNT Sunday, June 22 at 10/9c.