In ‘Venom’ #15, Flash (Venom) joined the Secret Avengers. As this issue opens, Venom is doing his Avengers duties and excorting the Human Fly to a holding facility. But, as has been the case with almost all of Venom’s journey’s so far, things go awry.

As the story begins, the Human Fly is trying to convince Venom to let him go. The Fly tells Venom that, even though he’s a bad guy, there’s other issues at hand… namely that the Fly has a 9-year old son that the Kingpin will kill if the crime lord isn’t repaid money that Fly owes him. When Venom refuses to help him, Fly gives him a note for his son and asks if Venom can at least get the letter to his son. That’s when things get twitchy. An undercover agent arrives and attempts to assassinate the Fly, forcing Venom to request a transfer of the prisoner.

Then the Flash Thompson bad luck really kicks in as the Hobgoblin arrives to finish the job and bump off the Fly. Amidst the chaos caused by Hobgoblin and Venom’s battle, the Fly makes an escape attempt, only to be caught between the hero and the would-be assassin. In the end, Venom is forced to make a decision between capturing a villain or saving a life and he… well… that would be spoiling things wouldn’t it?

Writer Rick Remender delivers a fun stand-alone Venom story this issue and, while it’s not the best jump-on point for new readers, it’s pretty decent. There are a few great twists in the story (which I attempted to avoid ruining for you in my brief synopsis).

Kev Walker handles penciling duties this issue and does a decent job. The lines are crisp and detailed, which is perfect for the monstrous visages of Human Fly and Hobgoblin. The only complaint I had is that Walker gets a little too detailed around Venom’s eyes and it just seems off to me… especially since Flash is supposedly in control of the symbiote at this point.

But that minor qualm in the art doesn’t detract enough from a fun story that, is setting things up for a major story next issues as Venom gets his own villain team… the Savage Six!

Verdict: Buy