It seems that making a horror movie before you become famous is a norm in Hollywood. After all, it was a scant 2 years ago that Jennifer Lawrence starred in ‘House at the End of the Street’,  Josh Hutcherson starred in ‘Dentention’ and to round off the list, we have Chris Hemsworth in ‘Cabin in the Woods.’

‘Cabin in the Woods’ is not your ordinary horror flick (and why would it be with Joss Whedon writing and producing the film). According to Whedon, the less you know the better, as the movie “actually unfolds within the course of the film instead of just setting up the premise and then paying it off.”

But if you really want to know what to expect (or not to) then here’s two clips for you to see. The first is a TV spot which does an excellent job in showcasing the horror in this movie. And the second is a clip of our unsuspecting group stopping at a gas station for gas. Of course the creepy rude tobacco chewing gas station owner who reminds me of a character from ‘Deliverance’ is not quite happy with this intrusion and is quite ambiguous about the dangers that might be waiting on Tillerman Road.

‘Cabin in the Woods’ is being touted as a film that will bring the horror genre back to its glory days of suspense and thrills. The movie doesn’t rely on found footage or gore and brings back what horror films were supposed to do in the first place and that’s scare. The TV clip certainly supports that! Even after being on the MGM shelf for 3 years, this movie still looks like a hit.

‘Cabin in the Woods’ – TV spot:

 ‘Cabin in the Woods’ clip ‘ Harbinger:’

‘Cabin in the Woods’ will be scaring audiences in theaters on April 13.