There’s been a lot of good buzz around ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’ The visuals have a ‘Lord of the Rings’ feel to it along with Charlize Theron providing an excellent portrayal of the Evil Queen, Ravenna. But a sequel built around the Huntsman and not Snow White? Well if NBC Universal Studios president and COO Ron Meyer has his way there will be!

Yesterday Meyer spoke at the 2012 Pulse Conference and talked about the studio’s prospects of potential sequels. Of interest was his take on the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’ Meyers said that while the movie seems to be a stand-alone film, Universal thinks they can make more films based on the character of the Huntsman himself if the movie is successful.

Although most of the marketing has been focused on Snow White’s battle against the Queen, not a lot has really been shown with Hemsworth. Granted, there have been other fairy tales which have a huntsman in them (Little Red Riding Hood comes to mind) and they can make the Huntsman fit into any tale they decide to revise. For example he could be a freelance protector for the fairy tale damsels in distress.

I don’t doubt that ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ will be a box office success. The revision of the tale is unique and Theron’s acting alone makes it worth the price of the ticket. If Hemsworth is offered a deal and takes it, he’ll join Robert Downey Jr. (‘Iron Man’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’) and others who have more than one franchise under their belts with his work on ‘Thor’. To see how invaluable the Huntsman is to the tale, here’s the newest clip from the movie which shows how he mentors and fights on the side of Snow White against the queen.

So what do you think? Would it be worth Universal’s money to base a franchise around the Huntsman?

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