Warner Brothers and DC Comics had intended to launch a cinematic universe a few years ago, which would have started with the ‘Green Lantern’ film.  The studio even inserted Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller to serve as a parallel to Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury in Marvel’s movie, who served as a bridge between the various solo super hero movies, before the characters combined as ‘The Avengers’.  There were rumblings that The Flash and Wonder Woman would then soon be given their own movies, but after both ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Superman Returns’ didn’t do as well as expected, WB and DC decided to go back to the drawing board.  However, in 2011 (the year ‘GL’ was released) Marc Guggenheim (‘Arrow‘, ‘Green Lantern’) and Michael Green (‘Green Lantern’) had written a script for ‘The Flash’ movie which may still materialize and a page from it just surfaced! It includes yet another example of world building as another DC hero was added in a post-credit sequence:

Yep!  The writers intended to sneak Green Lantern into the post-credits of ‘The Flash’.  Obviously, this was intended to have been a reprise performance by Ryan Reynolds.  But like I said, his movie was a disappointment both in terms of box office and viewer reaction.  And in this case, the reaction was spot on, as it didn’t– like many movies do– find an audience on home video.

The most recent rumor is that Denzel Washington will be playing the John Stewart version of Green Lantern in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, so it looks as if Hal has been benched.  I’m sure Ryan Reynolds isn’t sitting by the phone waiting to be contacted regarding this movie.

Keep in mind, this script has been pretty much abandoned and both The Flash and Green Lantern’s fates lie in the hands of Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and the other producers and writers of the current DC cinematic universe.

But at least we got a little peak at what might have been!

Source: Superhero Movie News via  ComicBookMovie