British actress Charity Wakefield has joined the cast of NBC’s ‘Munsters’ reboot called ‘Mockingbird Lane.’

The pilot, written by Bryan Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer, is an edgier and darker version than the comedic sitcom and features Grandpa Sam Dracula and his extended family. When Grandpa finds that he can’t find a good man for his daughter Lily, he builds her a husband named Herman. Together they have a son, Eddie, whose werewolf abilities surface when he hits puberty. Because of this, the family is forced to move to 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Wakefield will be playing the role of Marilyn which was made famous by Pat Priest in the original version. Marilyn is Lily’s beautiful neice who happens to be the “freak” in the family (in other words, she is the only normal Munster in the bunch).  The character description goes on saying that she was “saved from being devoured by her own mother as an infant, she lives with the Munsters but has not inherited any of their “special attributes.” (She’s) a college student who believes in good manners and congeniality toward the new neighbors, she regularly clashes with Grandpa, but she gets along well with Aunt Lily and Uncle Herman, as well as with her young cousin Eddie. ”

American viewers may know Wakefield as she starred in the NBC David E. Kelly pilot ‘Legally Mad’ but she is more known in the UK for her stage work and starring in the BBC miniseries ‘Sense and Sensibility.’

Wakefield is the second person to be cast in the series. She will be joining Eddie Izzard who will be playing the role of Grandpa Sam Dracula.

Source: Deadline