This week we get the first taste of what can happen with Britten following his “hunches” too often, when a well-meaning FBI agent accuses him of being a copycat serial killer. Oh, and Hannah is considering moving to Oregon to start over … which might present a problem for holding onto both worlds.

Hannah: The episode opens with Britten going for a run. He stops when he sees a pair of men fighting across the street, and a homeless man accosts him to sell stuff from a basket. City of angels, eh?

Meanwhile, Hannah’s in Oregon looking at colleges so she can go back to school. There’s a bit of a back-and-forth with how much better Oregon is than L.A. Britten’s argument isn’t helped when he finds dog poop on the underside of his shoe. Umm … yeah not fun.

Rex: Britten and Rex sit in bumper to bumper traffic, unsure of what’s going on. At the police station at last, Bird drops some files on Britten’s desk and says the captain wants to know why they don’t have any suspects in the cases.

In order to clear his head, Britten takes a run in the woods. He stops at a view overlooking the city, when suddenly a dog barks behind him. Britten follows the dog … and soon finds a dead body. Awesome.

Bird and Britten look for the dog who led Britten to the body.

Turns out the murder vic had a Gemini symbol cut into his chest. Britten suggests it was the handiwork of a serial murderer called the Gemini Killer. Except the Gemini killer was supposedly murdered himself not that long ago. And when the captain tried to pull forensics on the other cases, she was informed an FBI agent would be on the next flight to L.A.

That agent is one Elizabeth Santoro, who spent 12 years following the Gemini killer. She’s convinced the latest murder is a copycat because he didn’t have a $2 bill in his hand. That’s a little detail they kept from the press to separate the copycats from the real thing.

Bird and Britten soon head out to the woods to find the dog, while Santoro stays behind at the station. They pick up the dog with a biscuit, and soon the medical examiner calls them into the lab. He pulled a $2 bill out of the dog’s stomach. Anyone else think it’s the Gemini killer now?

Santoro doesn’t … she’s convinced it’s someone who was recently let go from law enforcement and had access to privileged information about the $2 bill. And then she asks for the files of any recently laid-off police and those with psychiatric histories. Which puts Britten under the microscope.

Bird tries to deflect, commenting there’s nothing that says it couldn’t possibly be the real Gemini killer. Santoro is adamant that she shot and killed the Gemini killer, however, and won’t even consider the possibility that she’s wrong. Despite, of course, Britten trying to be nice and say it’s OK to make mistakes. Santoro ain’t having it.

Hannah: Britten leaves a voicemail on Hannah’s cell because he can’t find his cell charger. Typical, eh? He finds one at last in his wife’s drawer … along with an estimate from a moving and storage company.

Britten and Bird in the interview room after Britten was accused of killing the vic he found in the woods.

Dr. Lee talks about confirmation bias in Britten finding the moving and storage estimate. He goes so far as to ask Britten to consider things from Hannah’s perspective, which Britten initially fights. But then he goes along with it … and we get a window into why Hannah wants to go to Oregon. Dr. Lee suggests Britten’s fear is not about leaving Los Angeles, but rather Hannah leaving him.

Dr. Lee continues to explain that this is how most marriages end, with people drifting apart, while in voiceover at a scene with Britten and Hannah getting into elevators.

Vega comes in as Britten’s looking at something about Oregon. He says there might be a lead on the Griffin Park home invasion, and they take a drive to what’s supposed to be a pawn shop. Except it’s not … and Vega says he had pay some guy who walked up to him $100 for the info. This was a rookie tax, according to Britten.

Later at home, Britten stares at the estimate and then gives Hannah a call again. It goes to voicemail, yet again. Which is not good.

Rex: Britten heads to a seedy motel, where he asks about any guests who would have stayed a few days. The guy unfortunately doesn’t know of any like that. And then as Britten’s walking out, he sees a sign for Mountain Top Moving & Storage … the same company that Hannah asked for a moving estimate.

Britten walks into the warehouse and sees a shadowy figure. He pulls his gun, but the figure bolts with Britten hot on his heels. Britten runs through the entire warehouse, until at last he ends on the roof. And no one’s there.

Santoro and the captain are confused about how Britten found the evidence in the warehouse. Santoro grills Britten about the process for splitting up motels … and when Britten and Bird walk away, the agent tells her about Britten’s file in there.

Britten drives off to the “pawn shop” he and Vega found in the Hannah world. While there, he remembers the big symbol they saw there, which is the same symbol on a piece of paper at the abandoned warehouse.

Britten comes back to the station, where he’s met by Santoro, the captain, and Bird. A call came in from someone claiming to be the killer. A call, incidentally, that came directly from Britten’s home telephone number. Which leads Santoro to outright accuse Britten of being the copycat, especially given the fact Britten is the only person in Los Angeles who knew about the book.

The captain gets Britten’s consent to search his house and his car. And Britten brings up a very good point–why would he call the station from his home phone if he were the killer? However, Santoro refuses to even consider that Britten might not be at fault.

Britten has been in the interview room for an hour when Bird finally shows up. The partner at least believes he’s innocent, and he brought photos from evidence to help. The symbol, they figure out, is the logo for the Bay Street Cafe. There’s a picture of Santoro holding a cup with the same logo … and so they call her to let her know. When she doesn’t answer, Bird lets Britten out and the pair head off to save the day. Huzzah!

Hannah and Britten look into moving to Oregon.

Meanwhile, the SID team tears Britten’s house apart. Santoro leaves to give her estranged daughter a call again, and it’s then the real Gemini Killer walks up and injects her with a sedative. He drives her to a nearby park, where he flashes what must be her FBI id to get inside. Uh oh … bad feeling.

Britten and Bird rush over to the same park. They find out about the killer showing up, and Bird orders the uniforms to follow them in.

Santoro is up against a rock somewhere in the park, while the Gemini Killer gloats. He makes the first cut, in her arm, so she’ll bleed out. And then he’ll be able to mark her body. Seems like a punishment for trying to say he’d failed.

Britten and Bird advance into the woods, guns drawn, and find Santoro’s prone form. Britten skims the area ahead, when a gunshot hits a nearby tree. He fires up ahead, and then the killer runs off. Britten waves Bird to advance, while he picks up Santoro and carts her down to an ambulance. At the hospital, Santoro finally gets to see her daughter. She looks past the girl, at Britten, with thanks in her eyes.

Hannah: Hannah can’t believe Britten thought she’d want to move to Oregon without him. She didn’t tell him about the moving company because she was embarrassed that she wanted a fresh start. But when she got off the plane in Oregon, she felt hopeful about the future.

The episode closes with fast switches between the Rex and Hannah worlds. Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans both agree that should Britten move to Oregon in the Hannah world, he will have trouble maintaining both the worlds. Dr. Lee maintains the reason he can have both worlds is because they’re largely the same one.

Rex: The Gemini Killer gives Britten a call because he’s fascinated that the detective is the only one who’s even gotten close to catching him in 12 years. So he paid a visit to Dr. Evans’s office, where he found out about Britten’s condition. And then told our detective to not let them make him “better.” Would anyone else be creeped out by this?

I don’t know about this week, since the two worlds didn’t really inform each other as much as I would’ve hoped. We’ll see how they do next episode, where Britten has to deal with a hostage situation in one world … that might end with him getting blowed up.

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