His character hasn’t appeared on the series yet but ‘Once Upon a Time’ execs and producers must like what has already been filmed as Colin O’Donoghue has just been upgraded to a series regular for the ABC primetime fairy tale soap.

Irish actor O’Donoghue was hired in what was to be a recurring role as Captain Hook for the series. His character has been described as dashing and “handsome pirate ship captain who never shies away from a fight.” He also is said to have a gentlemanly air about him but underneath all that charm is a vindictive nature.

While Captain Hook has yet to be seen, EW was able to snag a photo of the dashing sea captain before he had that unfortunate life alternating event:

O’Donoghue will first appear in the aptly named episode ‘The Crocodile’ which will air on Sunday, October 21st and will tell the origin story of the dastardly pirate. Besides the episodes that he originally signed on for, he will also appear for the season’s “back nine” episodes and it has already been hinted that he will play a pivotal role in the bad fortune that has befallen Storybrooke.

While we do have to wait over 2 weeks until we see the good Captain, you can get a glimpse of him in the newest promo for the series below. I must admit, after seeing the photo and watching the trailer, I can see now why the crocodile was so obsessed with Captain Hook!

So are you ready to get Hooked?

‘Once Upon a Time’ Promo 2.02 – We are Both: