According to STARZ CEO Chris Albrecht, ‘Torchwood’ fans may finally be able to look forward to a return. Much of ‘Torchwood’s future still depends upon Russell T. Davies’ availability amongst his heavy workload.

‘Torchwood’ stars Eve Myles and John Barrowman expressed their desire to return to the show once the decision has been made. In a statement from Myles when asked if the show was returning, she was quoted as saying:

“We don’t know. I just know John Barrowman and I would agree to do more episodes.”

Davies has taken a considerable amount of flack over his decision making process with the path ‘Torchwood’ has taken. A large portion of the ‘Torchwood’ fan base prefers the original programming style that was based in Cardiff surrounded by the characters the fans grew to love.

If we use common sense, and simply read the forums and comments fans have made over the years, the smart money lies in the bringing back of what is now referred to as “Classic Torchwood.” STARZ did indeed bring new fans to the franchise, but the bulk of viewers lies in the original content.

I myself understand the creators ideals concerning the show – however, it all comes down to money. The obvious choice would be to simply listen to the fans, and provide us with that which we most desire; Go back to Cardiff, and being a science fiction show, find some “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” excuse to bring back Ianto Jones and the rest of the cast we came to love.

The ‘Torchwood’ fans are forgiving to a point, but make it good. We expect a thoughtful storyline, and most importantly, it simply must adhere to the existing timeline. The writers will be required to do their research, any diversion from canon will be met with… resistance from die-hard fans.

Russell T. Davies was recently forced to put several of his projects on hold when his partner was diagnosed with brain cancer. I myself have had a loved one suffer from this, and I wish a speedy recovery to Andrew Smith.

I ask now of fans of ‘Torchwood’ and alike, if your comments we’re to be heard by Davies, the BBC and STARZ, what would you say? And let me just say this; “you attract more flies with honey, than with vinegar.” In other words, I know many fans are… upset, about the path ‘Torchwood’ has taken, but constructive criticism will be met with much less resistance than spouting obscenities. Simply tell us, in your own words, what you would like to see in a return of ‘Torchwood.’ Simply add your comment below, and you never know, perhaps someone out there will be listening!