Yesterday it was announced that Dame Diana Rigg and her daughter Rachel Stirling would be guest starring in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ that is scheduled to air next year. Filming started this week and now we have pictures of that episode!


Although no details have been given about the episode, it was revealed that Dame Rigg and Stirling would be playing a mother and daughter who carry a dark secret. Now it seems that the setting will be in the Victorian era. Given the look of the photos, it looks like the Doctor has added bowlers in his collection of hats that are cool.

According to fans that were present at the outdoor location where this episode has been filming, the title is tentatively called ‘The Crimson Horror’ and reports have Catrin Stewart on set. Does that mean Jenny will be returning to the Whoniverse? If you recall, Jenny was the ever competent sidekick of Madam Vastra who was last seen in ‘A Good Man Goes to War.’ It was during Victorian England that the Doctor had visited them to recruit them for his cause. But then again, the show does have a record of reusing the same actors for different roles. Remember, Freema Agyeman played her cousin and a companion on the show.

The photos themselves are not very spoilery but they do have Jenna Louise Coleman as “Clara” in period garb unlike the last photos of her.

So enjoy dear Whovians, and if you’re like me, the premiere episode of Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ can’t come soon enough!



Source: io9