The first day of the official ‘Doctor Who’ convention in Cardiff had everyone smiling as lots of great news came to those who attended. And we have them here to share with you!

One of the convention’s must see was a special ‘Doctor Who Uncut’ panel session which included Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Steven Moffat (showrunner and executive producer) and Caroline Skinner (executive producer).  Here, juicy tidbits of what we can expect for next season were revealed.

When Moffat introduced the Doctor’s new companion, Jenna-Louise Chapman, he also added in the press conference that “Amy & Rory will leave in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels in episode 5. Not everyone gets out alive & I mean it this time.” At the panel, Skinner added that Amy and Rory’s final episode will be shot in New York City. So all you Whovians on the Northeast coast, be on the lookout for Weeping Angels and a TARDIS in the coming weeks as the show has just finished shooting episode 3! (On a side note, how many of you have already thought that the Statue of Liberty would make a great Weeping Angel? Hmm?)

When asked how they felt about leaving the show, Gillan and Darvill both stated that they felt that Amy and Rory’s story had run its course and it felt like the time was right for them to go. “We’ve had the most incredible time and it will be really sad when we leave,” Darvill said, “We had the read through for our final episode last night and it is going to be an amazing piece of television.”

Later in a separate interview with the Huffington Post, Gillan stated that Amy goes out in a majorly fierce and hard-hitting way. “I know how I want her to go,” she had said. “And I actually know how she goes now…I want her to go out in all her glory…I just hope I can deliver it well.”

Although Smith will miss his two cast mates, he is optimistic of what’s to come, “The thing about Doctor Who is that it is in constant change so we embrace the future and look forward to Jenna.” After the Weeping Angels vs. the Ponds episode airs, the next one after that, which will be the Christmas episode, will introduce everyone to the Doctor’s new companion.

Also unveiled at the panel was the world premiere of the Season 7 teaser trailer. We have a boot leg version of it here for you below!  The teaser is filled with a lot of the scenes they filmed while in Spain and even Ben Browder made it in. And does it look like the rumors that the Doctor may be visiting the Ruins of Skaro are true when you watch this?  The trailer will officially go live on the BBC website on Monday at 4am ET/1am PT so maybe we’ll get to see things a little more closely and clearer with it comes out.

While not giving too much about season 7 away, Moffat did make the comment “Amy and Rory leaving, tragedy, heartbreak and a Western, what more do you want out of television? “ And he’s so right! (Okay…maybe the meta 10th Doctor in the 50th anniversay year, but that’s for another story!)

‘Doctor Who’ Season 7 Trailer: