In the aftermath of the assault on the planet Urak in ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #6, the sinister Keepers are defeated and it’s time for cleanup. Back on Oa, the Lanterns hold a funeral for their fallen comrade Kirrt, who was killed by John Stewart last issue when Kirrt nearly cracked under torture and gave sensitive information to the Keepers.

Meanwhile, Guy Gardner is being reprimanded by the Guardians for freeing two Sinestro Corps members from the Sciencells to use as weapons against the Keepers. Of course, in the process of being used, the Sinestro members were killed. Guy stands his ground in that the loss of two murderers was worth saving the lives of thousands of Lanterns and all of Oa.

Most of the story here, though, is taken up with John’s guilt and coming to grips with having to kill a fellow Lantern. John speaks with several of his teammates and eventually volunteers to return Kirrt’s body to his family on the planet of Lorror. When he gets to the planet, John faces Kirrt’s parents and his mentally challenged brother. As the issue closes, John finds peace with his decision and puts Kirrt to rest as a hero.

Wow! What a bloody depressing issue! It started out with the usual Lantern politics with the Guardians and such, but once John got to Kirrt’s home world, the story turned harsh and dramatic. I felt for the alien family when they saw that the green light in the sky wasn’t Kirrt’s triumphant return but was instead his dead body being brought home. I felt the anger of Kirrt’s brother as he struggled to understand what was happening. And when the final page closed, I will admit it… I teared up… just a bit.

But the emotional impact of the story lies on the shoulders of writer Peter Tomasi as he continues to deliver amazing Green Lantern tales in the pages of this title. I’ll just be glad when things get back to the teamwork and action next issue so that I can put this sad moment in Lantern history in the past. But, despite the sad storyline, this was a beautiful example of how a superhero comic book can be used to tell a dramatic story that reflects the real world, as there are so many families out there who are actually having to deal with their loved ones coming home in a box instead of with smiles and hugs.

So, to every soldier who fights for what he believes, myself and the Green Lantern Corps salute you.

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI