Alright, let’s get one thing straight. Reshoots are not always a bad thing, and the internet needs to understand that a film going back for reshoots does not mean that they suddenly realized everything they shot was horrible and had to be completely redone. All too often reshoots (or pickups) are planned well ahead of principal photography as a kind of safety net, so the director knows if he forgets to get coverage of something, or decides he would rather shoot from a different angle, he can still do that. Most movies have some reshoots, and there is nothing to worry about.

HOWEVER, sometimes, there are some serious reshoots that are the studio and others trying to fix a failing movie, but whether or not that is the case with ‘Justice League’ remains to be seen, and personally, I kind of hope that the internet is just making too much of this. Sadly, there seems to be a source that claims otherwise. According to this anonymous source for ‘Splash Report:

“Speaking on a condition of anonymity, [our source] said that in the 17 months between the start of principal photography and the final cut arriving in theaters in November that the film will have essentially been “remade…twice”…There are more reshoots COMING SOON. There have been a bunch but they’re going to do MORE.”

If true, that’s not exactly great for the film, but it could also be the studio deciding to make some changes to Snyder’s style, and tone, of which I say go ahead and do as many reshoots as you would like. Clearly, Snyder’s style could use some tweaking, and I believe the man’s best work has been when he has been under the microscope, and not given the free reign as he had with ‘Man of Steel‘ and ‘Batman V Superman.’ Not surprisingly, Warner Bros is downplaying all of this, as they do not want to panic any of their fans, whose faith in their DCEU franchise may have already been shaken. According to The Wrap, “Warner Insiders” have stated:

“There has been no additional photography to date on ‘Justice League,’ we have planned and will shoot additional pickups early summer. Additional photography has always been planned like most pictures in general but certainly for a tentpole of ‘Justice League’s’ size and scope.”

At this point, I would really, really like to have a little faith here. Warner Bros made some good moves going into ‘Justice League’ to restrain Zack Snyder and put some good people in charge as producers of the movie (including Ben Affleck don’t forget), and I would like to think even if there were some reshoots we should not worry about it too much. At the end of the day, everyone wants to see a great ‘Justice League’ movie. Everyone knows what went wrong with the first few films of the DCEU, and hopefully, was able to learn some lessons from them. Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments below.

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