The dystopian novel that created the dystopian novel is due for an update. The last time we saw a film version of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was back in, of course, 1984, and it starred John Hurt and Richard Burton. Before that, there were many television and stage adaptations. Now, it seems that Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Julie Yorn will be taking a crack at a new adaptation of the classic novel.

THR shares with us this exclusive news that Imagine Entertainment, run by Howard and Grazer, is teaming up with Yorn’s LBI Entertainment for this project. Street artist Shepard Fairey was also an instrumental part in making this happen. The artist best known for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster began pursuing Orwell’s estate for the film rights with Imagine when they discovered that LBI was simultaneously doing the same thing. It was then that all parties decided to work together rather than to battle it out. THR notes that once the ball gets rolling on ‘1984’ Fairey will probably take on some sort of producer role.

The story revolves around Ministry of Truth worker Winston Smith as he alters history for the department while secretly harboring desires for rebellion and forbidden love. The themes and ideas contained in the novel went on to inspire and influence politics, art, and philosophies.

The producers are currently in search of writers to work on a draft before shopping the project around to studios.