Have you been following the viral campaign for ‘Prometheus?’ Their marketing department must be working overtime as there are now two brand new images from the movie that have been unlocked and we have them here to share!

The viral campaign started off with Guy Pearce as Peter Wyland giving a monologue at the 2023 TED Talks. This paved the way for viral pages and sites from the Wyland Industries website to appear for fans to uncover and solve. The first provided fans a space an image of a star map. This time, the timeline page of the Weyland Industries website included a link that would lead you to the Project Prometheus site. Right now all you see is a logo… that is, unless you know the secret URLs and password entries to get in.

The first image is the Prometheus ship on approach to the mysterious planet. To get to the image, you needed to find the password protected page www.projectprometheus.com/eridu then find out what Eridu was. In the movie, Eridu was one of the sites where an ancient tablet was found which helped lead the crew of Prometheus to their destination, According to Wikipedia, it’s an ancient Sumerian city founded in ca.5400 BCE and is considered one the oldest city in the world. The city contains most of the ancient ruins currently know and is thought to have been created by the gods. The city of Eridu is now known as Abu Shahrain which is also part of the password for the page (password: tell abu shahrain). Once you figured that out, you were treated with this great image:

 The second image of the crew returning from a task in their rover vehicle was found on the page www.projectprometheus.com/245409. The ‘/245409’ dealt with the connection between HD 245409, a star called Gliese 208 that is found in the Orion constellation. In 2004, an interstellar radio message called the Cosmic Call 2 was beamed towards this star and is expected to reach Gliese 208 (aka HD 245509) in 2040.The structure of the Cosmic Call 2 was also the password: DDM2DDM2DDM2AMAMAMBIGBIGBIGBMESMPP, (don’t forget to add the comma as it is part of the password). Once the password is input, you get this image:

 If you signed up on the Investor Registration page at the Weyland Industries site, you may have received this e-mail:

Valued Shareholder,

Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunities offered by Weyland Corporation.

Submitted for your consideration, Weyland Industries’ most recent financial information is now available on WeylandIndustries.com. This information is current as of this quarter and covers progress on Weyland Industries endeavours including but not limited to our ongoing cybernetics program, terraforming activities, and Project Prometheus.

Visit our Investor Information page for an in-depth financial overview of The Company.

The page has some great new information and includes a section on ‘Project Prometheus:’

Oddly, it states that 3 of the 5 Cosmic Calls 2 have already been received. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Easter eggs on this page so keep your eyes sharp!

I love how this viral promotion is being operated! It’s brilliant how real historical and scientific connections are being used to bring Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ mythology to life! There’s 3 more months before the movie is released and at this rate, the frenzy will be unimaginable. For the latest updates, keep checking the Weyland site, the Project Prometheus site as well as follow them on Twitter. We’ll also make sure you’re kept up to date with all the viral campaigns here on ScienceFiction.com!


Source: APN