One of the things a studio always tries to do with big name actors who are starring in their big budget films is to keep them happy. But it looks like Marvel Studios will be working overtime in that department as Natalie Portman is reportedly furious at the studio over the firing of Patty Jenkins.

Last week, it was reported that Patty Jenkins was no longer directing ‘Thor 2’ due to “creative differences.”  It seemed like it was an amicable split as it was suggested that Jenkins would probably have another chance to direct a superhero film for Marvel, it just wouldn’t be ‘Thor 2.’ Now a report from THR is indicating that Jenkins was actually fired without any warning and Natalie Portman is none too happy about it.

Portman was said to be instrumental in the hiring of Jenkins in the first place and strongly urged Marvel to employ her. Prior to this happening, she was considering taking a hiatus from acting to raise her baby boy who was just born last June. Portman decided to return in the role of Jane Foster for ‘Thor 2’ once she heard of Jenkins’ involvement. That and the idea of being part of a project that involved having the first female director at the helm of a big budget superhero movie appealed to her. So it was no wonder that Portman was livid at the studio when the firing occurred. Even though Portman is contractually obligated to film the movie, Marvel is said to be trying to smooth things over with the actress by including her in the discussions to find a replacement director.

What’s interesting to note, however, is the behind the scene details that THR was able to obtain as to why Jenkins was fired. According to a source near to the production, Marvel felt that Jenkins wasn’t moving assertively enough and didn’t think she could complete the film in time for its November 2013 release date. They felt that she displayed “a lack of overall clarity in her choices” which led them to believe that the filming process would be “difficult.” Keep in mind, however, that although Don Payne had written a script before Jenkins came onboard, Marvel wanted a rewrite so there was no official script in place for Jenkins to be decisive about.

This seems to coincide with what an insider from Jenkins’ side says. This person, however, blames the “lack of overall clarity” issue on Marvel’s part. Although initially excited about hiring Jenkins, mainly based on Portman’s enthusiasm, when the studio started to interview writers for a script rewrite, it was then that they began to second guess their decision and have misgivings about hiring Jenkins. “Marvel had certain things they needed to achieve,” says another source. “There were constraints on what she could do creatively.” Jenkins official statement of the situation is as follows: “I have had a great time working at Marvel. We parted on very good terms, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Rumor has it that Marvel is now considering hiring either Daniel Minahan (who has directed on ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True Blood) or Alan Taylor (who has directed on ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Mad Men). Once a decision is made, we’ll let you know. But one thing is for certain, whatever the decision, it will still have to get the approval of Natalie Portman.