The Comic Book Men showing off their new ink.

The season finale of AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’ opened with Ming posing a question to the group: How far would you go to get superpowers? Would you give up your balls? While Mike doesn’t think it would be worth it, Ming says that he wouldn’t really miss them, so he’d do it.

In the booth, Kevin asks the guys who their favorite super-team is. Mike says that his is the Justice League of America. Walt sides with the Avengers. Bryan brings up the Superfriends and Walt says that he’s ridiculous because that’s a cartoon. Then they all poke fun at the Wonder Twins and Superman’s dog, Krypto.

A customer comes into the Stash to get a birthday gift for her boyfriend who likes Spider-man. Walt talks about not just suggesting the most expensive thing in the store. He prefers to get to know the customer and help them get what they really want. He shows her ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #121 and #122, the death of Gwen Stacy. Mike says that it’s $170 for both, but she was only looking to spend $100. Walt goes down to $150 for her, which she accepts. What a great girlfriend!

The guys talk to a customer about his tattoos. Walt says that if a man is tattooed properly, then it screams, “Don’t mess with me.” He wonders if he’d look badass or weird with a tattoo. Bryan brings up that in 1995 Walt was going to get a tattoo if the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup, but his wife bought him a video game system so that he wouldn’t get it. After some ball busting from Mike and Ming, Walt suggests that they all get tattoos together.

Another customer comes in with a Comic Con exclusive Green Lantern power battery prop replica. Bryan makes fun of the Green Lantern and the fact that someone could die in the time that it takes him to recharge his ring. The customer wants $280, but Ming says that they could only give about $60 for it, which apparently does not please the seller since he leaves.

Walt asks what the guys are thinking about getting for their tattoos and shows off a design for his that shows a devil with a Stanley Cup in wrapped in it’s tongue. Ming says that he’s getting his family seal. Mike wants a superhero logo with his wife’s name and says that he wants it on his arm or on his ass. They tease him by saying that it’ll basically be a tramp stamp. Kevin talks about Bryan’s first tattoo, Calvin and Hobbes, which is totally badass. Bryan wants to get a portrait of his niece as a zombie riding a tricycle on his arm because he and his niece love zombies together. Walt says that it’s in poor taste to have a dead child on tattooed on him. Bryan says that technically it would be a living dead child, and when Walt puts it that way, it sounds pretty metal.

A new customer has superhero Barbies. Walt says that they don’t carry Barbies at the store, even though they’re dressed as superheroes. Bryan shows interest in buying a couple for his niece. He wants 2 dolls for $50, and she agrees, even though she wanted $40 each.

Bryan, Mike, and Ming waiting for Walt at the tattoo shop.

The guys are at the tattoo shop waiting for Walt. Ming says that his wife had some words about him getting a tattoo, but he’s still going through with it. Bryan says that he doesn’t think that Walt is coming. Ming is hesitant now, but after Bryan convinces him that this could be something that he can hold over Walt now, Ming agrees and they go in to the shop.

Kevin talks about a tattoo that he got with Scott Mosier after they had been drinking while editing a movie. Scott got an Asian symbol for tranquility, and Kevin got the Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Scott asked Kevin why he chose the Hatter. Kevin explains that it’s because he’s always late. Then Scott points out that it was actually the rabbit that was late, not the hatter. Now Kevin has the Mad Hatter on his arm for no good reason, which is why you should never get a tattoo when you’re drunk.

A guy comes in with Target exclusive Batman figures that were modeled to look like Megos. He asks for $100 for the set of 3. Walt says that they’re not that rare, and the Penguin figure is almost unmovable. He says that he can only offer $20 for Batman and the Joker. The customer is really trying to get rid of the whole set. Walt, who was messing with the guy a bit because it was a slow day at the store, says $25 for all 3. The guy wants $30, but they settle on $29.

The guys are in the tattoo shop getting their tattoos and chatting with the artists about random things. Bryan says that he’s given up on Walt actually showing up. Kevin asks Walt why he didn’t show, but Walt evades the question. Ming wants Walt to admit to everyone around the table that he’s a chicken for not getting a tattoo with them.

A customer who looks like Kirk Cameron comes in with some older comic books. He has ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #181, the first appearance of Wolverine and ‘X-men’ #1 signed by Jim Lee. He got it signed because his mom flirted with a security guard at a comic convention. He also has ‘The Killing Joke’, and ‘Mr. A’ by Steve Ditko, which was a precursor to DC’s hero The Question. Mike says $425 for all four, but the customer wants $1000. Walt can’t go that high, but they settle on $12 and a hug for ‘The Killing Joke’ and ‘Mr. A’, mostly because Walt wanted to read the latter book.

Showing off their finished tats to Walt

Walt walked into the store the day after the gang got their tattoos and says that he was never planning to show up. Like a villainous mastermind from one of his beloved comics, he planned the whole thing up because they were busting his balls about not getting a tattoo in 1995. Mike, Ming, and Bryan showed Kevin their tattoos. Ming’s looks as if it might be a little infected and Mike ended up ditching the Superman logo because he loves his wife more than Superman. (Awwww!) Bryan shows his niece the tattoo and she absolutely loves it.

The episode ended with the whole crew signing off for the last time in season one.

That does it for the recaps of season one of ‘Comic Book Men’. Hopefully the network renews the show so I can do more of these for you guys in the future. But until we know the fate of Kevin Smith and his merry men on AMC, feel free to check out all the past coverage that we here at have provided for you.

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