The worldwide success of ‘Chronicle’ to the tune of over $100million has prompted 20th Century Fox to hire the writer of the original film, Max Landis, to pen the movie’s sequel.

The movie opened just last month and has exceeded expectations. Of course, the buzz throughout social media and the promotion of flying teenagers over the city of Seattle had a hand in helping to promote the film.

Chronicle’ tells the story of three high school students who make an incredible discovery, which allows them to begin to develop uncanny superpowers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities, they begin to use them to their advantage and their lives start to spin out of control allowing the darker side for one of them in particular to begin to take over.

A direct sequel with the same principle characters may be difficult, but of course who knows what powers the object had that the boys found. Whether or not Josh Trank will return to direct is hard to say as it was just reported that he is in talks to direct ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ spin off movie ‘Venom.’ Trank has stated in the past, however, that he and Landis have mapped out other stories and ideas for other ‘Chronicle’ movies so it will be interesting to see where this sequel will go.

So ‘Chronicle 2’ is now officially in development! Are you just as excited to see the sequel?