There comes a time in our lives where we’re faced with challenges that will push us farther than we’ve ever believed we could go. Depending on the nature of those actions, we may find ourselves trending towards the light or slipping closer towards the abyss. This week’s ‘Being Human’ examines what monsters (and people alike) are capable of and we can only watch our favorite trio spiral further into the darkness they’ve so desperately tried to leave behind.

Sally has to face her own ghostly mortality

After last week’s conversation with the Reaper, Sally’s life (or unlife, as the case may be) has been on hold as she’s waited for her would be destroyer to return. When he returns, the Reaper offers Sally an unexpected alternative; take his place as Reaper. It’s not something our wayward ghost really sees her as doing. He gives her a few hours to think about things and in that time she goes to Aidan for advice. For his part, her vampire roomie suggests Sally find a way to take out what he believes is no more than a poltergeist con man with some fancy tricks. While Sally knows better than this, she pays a visit to her old friend Stevie to get pointers on ‘shredding’, the ghostly vernacular for the obliteration of a spirit. He explains to her the danger of going down that path but shares with her the key to the practice. She puts it to good use, ripping the Reaper apart, though it only lasts for a  few seconds. Sally’s terror is palpable and the Reaper explains to her just why she’d be perfect for the job. There’s a darkness in her (the possessing, nearly taking over a baby) that fits well with the new gig. She understands what ghosts are capable of and though she’s retreated from that darkness, her touching it gives her a better perspective though she is somewhat blind to certain things. The Reaper explains that her tortured Stevie is much darker than his yellow shirt and jeans suggests. Reaping Stevie is her first test though when Sally is unable to go through with it, the Reaper gives her a one day stay, demanding she begin her new career the following night.

A true parent, Aidan puts his childe first...even at the expense of others

On the vampire front, Suren and Aidan are still at odds on how to deal with the orphans. Mother is coming back to town and she will be none too pleased if the orphan culling has yet to be completed. Suren’s putting quite a bit of pressure on her lieutenant lover and Aidan’s tried his best to circumvent killing the orphans. He finds Henry, who’s hiding out at the orphan base camp—a house owned by a human. Aidan promises his childe to not only help the orphans but to get Henry pulled back into the vampire community and, more than anything, Suren’s good graces.

When Henry gathers the orphans together in the house, Aidan tells them his contact in Baltimore will help them get re-established. But our favorite vampire isn’t quite on the up and up, instead working with Suren on quite the ingenious plan for instant culling. As he hosts the orphans, Suren entertains the home owner, buying the property from him and putting it in her lawyer’s name. The original invitation is, in essence, revoked and the vampires caught in the house are burnt to ash. Aidan and Henry barely escape and the latter is furious with his maker but Aidan doesn’t care…his primary concern was always Henry and his actions are a testament to how far he will go for his childe.

Aidan takes Henry to Suren who, even after eighty years, still holds quite the grudge against her former lover. She questions Aidan on his confidence of wanting Henry back by his side. When he reaffirms his commitment to Henry, she lets the two vampires know there is a price Henry will have to pay and it’s a doozy. She pulls out a torture kit and informs the apprehensive vampire that he will have to submit to being flayed alive if he wants back in. The fear is evident in his eyes and Henry accepts the punishment. Loving his childe as much as he does, Aidan can’t bear to watch Henry suffer, though he does make sure Suren understands there will be repercussions should Henry die.

A heartsick Josh is pulled from the doldrums by his sister Emily

Pretty much out of it since leaving Nora, Josh gets an unexpected visit from his little sister Emily. Unlike his two roommates, Josh has touched his dark side and has seemingly gotten the hell out of dodge before it dragged him into the pit. There’s only so much he can tell Emily though he does join her for drinks after a truncated day of work. Color him surprised when Emily’s drinking partner is none other than his ex Julia. After a bit of “she’s my friend”/”but she’s my sister” argument and copious amounts of alcohol, the trio heads back to Julia’s place. Dumping a passed out Emily into the guest room, the former lovers share awkward small talk before they get on the serious track. After Josh expresses his pride in Julia’s achievements, she admits to coming to Boston for him. The touchy subject of his leaving rears its ugly head and Josh comes the closest he’s ever had to telling Julia the truth. The desperation in his tone reaches something in Julia and though he scares her with his own desperate plea, it’s as if she finally understands.

As Josh and his sister walk out together, he thanks Emily for bringing he and Julia together. Though they may not be in love anymore, lingering feelings beyond friendship still exist though, after his debacle with Nora, it’s doubtful Josh will ever make the same mistake again.

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” was an apropos title for this episode. Josh was able to explore and identify his lingering feelings (and guilt) associated with his two major relationships. He understands how far he’s willing to go and will continue to fight harder against that darkness resting inside of him. For Aidan and Sally, the outlook isn’t quite as rosy. Both make choices that, while it may save them (and those they love) in the short term, the long term prognostication is the very real possibility of them losing themselves. Their journey will continue throughout the season and while Josh has his own issues ahead of him, he may be the only one able to bring his friends back from the precipice. The only question that remains is will he be able to do it before it’s too late?

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