After unveiling that awesome TED Talk featuring Guy Pearce as his ‘Prometheus’ character Peter Weyland last week, the viral marketing for Ridley Scott’s new movie continues today with many updates to Weyland Industries website to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that talk.

The first major update is a new post on the home page titled “Our Family Is Growing” that teases a special announcement. The post reads:

“Weyland engineers have been working around the clock to bring you the newest, most advanced addition to the Weyland family. Stay tuned for a special announcement.”

Along with the post is a picture of a thumbprint with a Weyland Industries logo emblazoned in it. Alien Prequel News speculates that this could be a symbol that is found on the androids the Weyland refers to in his TED Talk. The post appears under the code “WCCF-73”, which could possibly refer to the year that the post was made. Weyland’s talk took place in the year 2023, and he did say that it would take a few years to perfect the android technology, so if this does in fact refer to the date, it appears to have taken 50 years to complete the project. 

In addition to that whole bit, the Weyland Industries website has also opened some other sections, including an “About Us” section that shares some basic facts about the company, like the amount of employees, the location of the headquarters, and what sort of fields the company has its hands in. This section also includes some interesting information that supports the rumored terraforming storyline in the film.

Other clickable sections available to be explored are a link to the TED Talk and an investor registration page where people can sign up to receive information from “the company”. Upon registering, it sends you a thank you message, but it’ll probably send out notifications for more viral marketing as the release date of the film approaches.

If you’ve gone over there to check it out, what did you think? What do you all think about the viral marketing campaign as a whole? Do you think it will just add to the experience of the film once it arrives?

Update: Mere hours after the above viral marketing, a new image from ‘Prometheus’ was released. The new image (below) can be briefly glimpsed in the trailer, but here we get a much better look at it. It looks to be some kind of holographic device showing a star map with someone standing at its center. Click the image to see a larger version.