Welcome back to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ recaps here on ScienceFiction.com! It’s been a long summer waiting for the show to return, guessing whether Leonard and Penny would go through with their marriage, if Amy and Sheldon were truly broken up, and whether or not Bernadette and Howard would continue to allow Stewart to live in their house. Fortunately, last night’s premiere answered all those questions and more.

As for Penny and Leonard, they arrived in Vegas and went through with the wedding, even going so far as to stream the big event live so their friends back home could watch. While waiting for the event to begin they learn from Sheldon about his break-up with Amy, with Sheldon trying to prevent Leonard from committing to Penny after a woman caused him such pain. Leonard continues to press Penny about her feelings about his revelation of infidelity from the finale, but she claims she is ok with it and still wants to get married. Meanwhile Sheldon goes to visit Amy (now that 11 hours has passed, which in his mind is more than enough time for her to think about their relationship), and she informs him that she has not made a decision, and is going to Howard’s house to watch the wedding with her friends, making it clear Sheldon was not invited. After arriving she discusses with the gang her break-up with Sheldon, with Howard not the least sympathetic toward Sheldon’s side. Eventually Bernadette realizes Sheldon is staring into the living room through the window, claiming he did not want to come in and make everyone uncomfortable. They let him in and sit in awkwardness as he berates Amy for not making a decision.

In Vegas the wedding begins, with Leonard reading his already prepared vows about how he and Penny’s atoms were created so they could come together, while she recites lyrics from ‘Toy Story,’ which sounds cheesy but she tells everyone it is Leonard’s favorite movie. Bernadette and Howard comment on what a beautiful wedding it is, but that their wedding was still better. Before the ceremony is over, Sheldon makes a snarky comment to Amy about making up her mind before her biological clock runs out, and she makes up her mind that their relationship is over. Sheldon demands to be taken home by Raj, and Amy and Bernadette retreat to the kitchen, leaving Howard and Stewart the only ones to actually see Penny and Leonard get announced as husband and wife and kiss.

After the ceremony, Penny is carried over the threshold of their hotel room by Leonard (struggling as always), but before they can consummate their marriage, Penny informs Leonard that she cannot get over what he did, and gets even more angry when she learns the woman still works with Leonard. They return home to find Sheldon still upset over Amy, with Penny retiring to her own apartment to get away from Leonard. Sheldon tries to comfort Penny, but is incensed when he learns she not only knew that Amy was going to break up with him, but did nothing to prevent it. Back at Howard and Bernie’s, they discuss whether or not Leonard and Penny will survive this fight, with Stewart (after having struck out earlier with Amy) wondering if he should pay Penny a visit that night.

The episode ends with Sheldon and Leonard commiserating on the couch, Sheldon complaining about women in general, while Leonard feels guilty, knowing he was at fault for his current predicament. When he states that he cannot believe he was spending his wedding night alone with Sheldon, his roommate informs him that this was exactly how he imagined it would happen.


AMY: “What are you doing here?”
SHELDON: “When last we spoke you said you needed time.”
AMY: “It’s only been 11 hours!”
SHELDON: “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was nearly 11 eleven hours. I made you watch that and you said it was an eternity.”

LEONARD: “Hey, if you’re hungry there’s a breakfast buffet at the strip club next door.”
PENNY: “Thanks, but I don’t like glitter on my scrambled eggs.”
LEONARD: “I don’t think the strippers prepare the meal…. but okay.”

AMY: “We were together so long. I’m not sure what I’m feeling.”
HOWARD: “That’s understandable. You forgot, it’s called happy.”

SHELDON: “I see what’s happening, sides are forming. Well if Bernadette is on Amy’s team, I pick Howard.”
HOWARD: “I’m not picking sides.”
SHELDON: “Fine, I guess I’m stuck with Raj.”
RAJ: “Really?!”
STEWART: (Sadly) “At least you got picked.”

LEONARD: “Look, instead of fighting, why don’t we dim the lights, get naked, and try to make a baby….
PENNY: (she glares at him angrily)
LEONARD: “…Just trying to lighten the mood.”

LEONARD: “I may not have been entirely faithful, but you?… You’re not easy to lift!”

SHELDON: (to Leonard) “You would never kiss me, and make me say I love you, and then break up with me.”
LEONARD: “No I wouldn’t.”
SHELDON: “You know why? Because you’re a man. The champagne of genders.”

Definitely a strong opening to the season, and the angry dynamic between Sheldon and Amy is sure to bring about lots of comedic moments this season, especially as the gang adjusts to life with the two of them broken up. I’m not sure what is going to happen with Penny and Leonard, but they are definitely married, and I do not think they are going to get divorced anytime soon. Either way, there are lots of directions for the season to go, and I cannot wait for next week’s episode. See you then!