This is a recap.  If you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read on!

An exiled Ventress searches for a new life on the Outer Rim.  She kills a suitor at Mos Eisley when he tries to hit on her (we later learn his name was Oked).  Her lightsabers draw the attention of two bounty hunters, Bossk and Latts Razzi.  Bossk asks Ventress to be a part of their next mission, but since the man she just killed was a member of their team and Bossk threatens to report her to the authorities, she doesn’t have much choice.

Boba Fett and High Singer

She goes with the pair to meet the boss, who turns out to be young (and shaved!) Boba Fett.  He is earnest as he explains that the team must be 6 members – Ventress, Bossk, Boba, Latts, Highsinger, and Dengar (voiced by Simon Pegg!).  Their assignment is to transport a mysterious chest for a shifty Major Rigosso and defend it against a group of marauders.  It is clear that the prize must be delivered to Rigosso’s lord Otua Blank or they will receive none of the bounty (and face bodily harm as well).

They take the sub tram, which looks amazing, all neon lights against a dark and moody background.  Rigosso reminds them once more to never open the box before they begin.  Almost immediately they are set upon by the marauders, who are covered head to toe in black and fighting like ninjas.  Each bounty hunter holds his or her own, but there are too many of the marauders. One by one, Dengar, Bossk, Latts and Highsinger are thrown from the train.  The marauder leader kills Rigosso. Inside, Boba defends the chest, but during a battle with the marauder leader, it springs open and we see what’s inside – a young girl, Pluma.  Somewhat adorably, Boba Fett jumps to defend the girl and keep her safe.  He clearly hasn’t thought through the only reason a young girl would be smuggled in a chest under guard – she’s not there willingly.  The leader of the marauders turns out to be her brother Krismo.  Ventress interrupts their reunion and fights Krismo, winning the upper hand.

Dengar prepares for a fight

Ventress ties up the siblings. She claims to only care about getting paid for the delivery, but when Pluma pleads with Ventress and talks about being taken from her family and home, Ventress sympathizes.  Boba Fett comes back to check on them, and Ventress orders the other two not to move.  She quibbles with Boba Fett about how to split the bounty, and the last we see of her, she has him in a choke hold.

They reach the dropoff point, and Otua Blank comes out to greet the chest – containing what he thinks is his new bride.  Ventress demands payment first, and she scampers away with it before the warlord pops open the chest, revealing Boba Fett inside.  She releases Pluma and Krismo in exchange for even more money.  In a surprising move, she returns to the bounty hunter team and divvies up the payment, requesting that they also pay Boba Fett when he turns up.  When Latts remarks that Ventress became an important part of the team, Ventress says she isn’t part of any team, and that she has a future to look forward to now.

Bossk and Boba Fett

The fortune cookie at the beginning of the episode was, “Who we are never changes, who we think we are does.”  I would like to interpret this as Ventress being sort of lost when she was thinking of becoming a Sith, but finding herself again when she found her compassion.  Is that too new agey?  I like following the Ventress story arc, and while I liked the ending with her walking into the sunset, I’m not sure she earned it.  She watched her Nightsisters massacred, but she was still pretty tough.  I mean, she killed someone at a bar without blinking because he came on too strong.  When she saw Pluma tumble out of that chest, Ventress knew she was a prisoner, but she still intended to deliver her to Blank.  I know that Pluma’s kidnapping resonated with Ventress, but is one moment of empathy enough to break her hard shell?  What are your thoughts?

Aside from that, I also loved the subtle moments of humor in this episode.  Latts was very smirky, and witty in a seamless way that wasn’t too distracting.  I also loved how obviously baffled Blank was when Boba Fett was revealed in the chest.  Was it just me, or did he seem to think Boba was really intended as his bride?

Things are sure to take an even darker turn next week with the return of Darth Maul!