This week’s crisis to descend upon Eureka involves the people of the town going crazy and acting out on songs they listen to. Zane burns down Jo’s new house after listening to Talking Heads, somebody brings ninety-nine red balloons to Cafe Diem and Henry and Grace set up a stasis field so that they can “stop the world and melt with you.”

The crisis starts with the arrival of Dr. Holly Martin (played hilariously by geek icon, Felicia Day), a socially awkward and epically quirky physicist sent to examine Fargo’s FTL drive. Bringing in her own personal iPod with songs containing neuro-linguistic programming – meaning that the songs influence the listener to act upon what they are hearing – her playlist gets downloaded into Eureka’s shared music server and soon infects the whole town with a healthy dose of the crazies.

Felicia Day is a fantastic addition to the cast of ‘Eureka’. In a town populated by quirky geniuses, she fits right in as a character who is introduced to the town by inadvertently sending the residents into fits of insanity. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of her in the weeks to come. She is an actress and personality who is perfectly matched for a show like ‘Eureka’.

As far as other characters go, the tension between Zane and Jo only gets stronger as we find out just what Fargo told Zane last week (pretty much everything). Zane is now trying to build up whatever relationship they might have had, but Jo wants nothing to do with it. There is also a big development with Allison that is sure to lead to many bad things in this season’s near future.

This was a fun episode with a few glimpses of what is likely to become the major arcs for this part of the season, and the new character dynamics should be quite interesting to watch as they unfold.