If you are a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ and don’t like spoilers, then I strongly suggest you stop reading this article right now!!

Yesterday on AMC’s site was a description for ‘The Walking Dead’ Limited Edition Season 2 Blu-ray. The description has since been taken down, but I grabbed a screenshot. In case you missed it, here it is:

Am I surprised by this revelation? No. I watch the show, and the growing conflict between Shane and Rick is building to one of them leaving or dying. During a recent interview, Robert Kirkman described the situation as a “powder keg” and said that a confrontation between the two men was “inevitable.” I actually figured out Shane would be leaving the show before yesterday because of the following: the progress of the show, the official casting announcement of the Governor for Season 3, and Frank Darabont’s desire to have Jon Bernthal (Shane) as the lead in his new show. And let’s not forget the fact that those who read the comic version of ‘The Walking Dead’ already know Shane dies and has lasted longer in the televisions series than he did in the comics.

This doesn’t ruin the show for me. I know Shane will be leaving, but I don’t know how or why. Will Shane leave and take Andrea and a few of the others with him? Will Rick kill him because he goes too far? Perhaps Shane will have a moment of redemption and die saving someone else. This is how I want Shane to go; I would like to see him have a moment of clarity before he goes down in a blaze of gory glory.

Now that we know Shane will be leaving, how do you want to see him go?