AMC recently posted an interview with Lauren Cohan, the actress who plays Maggie Greene on the hit show, ‘The Walking Dead’. In the interview, Cohan discusses trading her British accent in favor of Maggie’s southern drawl, her relationship with Steven Yeun (who plays her on-screen boyfriend Glenn), and having lunch with the undead.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Lauren as Maggie Greene

Q: You have a bit of a British accent! Was it difficult to learn the Southern drawl?

A: I spent one week just thinking about the difference between the British “O” and the Southern “O.” You can get the vibe of it pretty easily, but then you have to really start thinking about the idiosyncrasies. Those scenes of high drama can become bigger than your accent sometimes, and there are moments when I find myself speaking in fear, talking more like I’m in London.

Q: You and Steven Yeun have a lot of screen time together.

A: We are actually really good buddies. We all are. You just bond out there in a way that you wouldn’t in a city. A bunch of us lived in the same building, this converted cotton mill — it’s cool, but also kind of creepy. A can of ravioli went missing from Steven’s place, actually…

Q: Maggie and Glenn are sort of the link between Rick’s people and Hershel’s. Is that something you relate to in your life?

A: Oh, yeah. When I was a kid, I was the one causing the problems, and my little sister was the intermediary. But I think in life, generally, I don’t want drama. I’d so much rather do something goofy. Maggie is like that: She has to act as the mediator. She really is trying to live her life out under a really strict father.

Q: Have you gotten inured to The Walking Dead’s horror now that you’re around it all the time?

A: On set, it just makes you lose your appetite. When we have huge hordes of zombies on set, they’ll have another room for them to eat, to accommodate them. But when there are only a few zombies on set, then we’re all in the lunch room together. It’s a bit disgusting. You don’t believe they can make people look like that!

Season 2 of ‘The Walking Dead’ only has three episodes left and, since the farm story is veered slightly different from the way it happened in the comic series, I’m wondering what part, if any, Maggie will play in the coming storylines.

For the full interview, head on over to AMC’s official ‘Walking Dead’ site.