Ever since ‘Twilight’ was released, vampire fans have been yelling the rallying cry of “Real vampires don’t sparkle!” Now it seems as if a new wave of vampire movies are about to hit Hollywood and, based on early talks, these aren’t the glittery emo kind of vamps.

According to Deadline, Sony pictures just purchased a vampire story from screenwriter Jason Keller. The story is described as a period piece that will detail the origin of Dracula. According to Sony, the idea is to start a franchise of period films. That might mean that they’re not all vampires, so I’ll start wishing now for a new Frankenstein movie!

In addition to Keller’s period Dracula film, director Gary Shore is working on a new film called ‘Dracula Year Zero’ with Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless on writing duties. The trio haven’t much Hollywood experience under their belt yet, so the new Dracula film could be their big break.

It’s not all just period pieces on the vampire front. A more modern take is on the way as the ‘Strain’ trilogy of novels from Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan is set to be adapted for film. Word is that Del Toro will begin work on the project after he wraps up his giant monster flick ‘Pacific Rim’.

Finally, Keller is working on a second vampire film, adapting Justin Cronin’s ‘The Passage’. This one follows a post apocalyptic timeline in which government experiments lead to the creation of a vampire-like race.

With all these vampires on the way, it seems like even some bad PR like Edward Cullen can’t keep a good bloodsucker down. What about you? Are you ready for vampires to get scary again? Or are you burned out on vamps and think they should just stay in their crypts for a while and give theaters a break?