Fans of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ love to speculate about what’s coming up on the show. Since the show isn’t just a complete copy of the comic story, it becomes harder to predict what will happen, who will survive, and what characters will show up and when.

IGN had a chance to sit down with creator/writer of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic, Robert Kirkman, to discuss his thoughts on the show so far. In the interview, Kirkman discusses the possibility of fan-favorite characters, The Governor and Michonne, why the television show must have a different storyline than the comic, and the building tension between Rick and Shane and their inevitable showdown. (Fan speculation on this point is that since Jon Bernthal, the actor that plays Shane, is in talks to for a role in another show, Shane’s time on ‘Walking Dead’ may be coming to an end.)

Before you watch, I must warn you though. The things that Kirkman discusses contain spoilers for both the show as well as the comics, so if you don’t want to run the risk of getting anything spoiled, then do not watch.

Now that you’ve been warned, enjoy…

Wow! As secretive as AMC usually is about upcoming storylines, it’s surprising to see Kirkman even allowed to discuss as much as he did. Sure… he didn’t officially confirm anything, but his comments on Michonne and the Governor are making me even more excited for the show going towards season three!

What about you? What characters are you excited to see on the show? What scenes from the comics would you like to see on the small screen? Do you like that AMC doesn’t steer super-close to the comics or would you rather it be more loyal to the books? Comment below and tell us!