Things just keep getting weirder for the Winchester boys.  In the last episode entitled “The French Mistake,” Dean and Sam encounter Balthazar in Bobby’s house who informs them that Raphael has launched an attack on Castiel and anyone else who’s aided him in the past (including the boys).  He writes an insignia on a window, hands them a key to a weapons shack filled with everything Cass needs to fight off Raph and sends them through to another dimension.

When they arrive, they’re shocked to learn that Dean and Sam are just characters in a show called ‘Supernatural.’  Surrounded by other cast members and crew, the boys are confused and try to piece together what happened.  They try to summon Cass but instead stumble upon the actor who plays him, Twitter-addict Misha Collins.

Unbeknownst to Dean and Sam is that they’ve been followed by one of Raphael’s angelic henchmen whose sole job is to get the key from them.  As he searches for them the boys discover more about themselves in this new dimension and are pretty happy with what they see.  They are rich, happy and Sam’s married to Genivieve Cortese (“fake Ruby” as Dean refers to her).  We get to see Dean’s trailer and Sam’s house, both of which the boys find very impressive. The only thing disappointing is the fact that they’re not brothers here, and according to crew members they’ve hardly talked to each other.

So they use credit cards they’ve found that belong to them in this alternate universe and purchase the ingredients they need to recreate the spell that was done at Bobby’s house.  Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work.

The two are ambushed by Raphael’s agent and during the skirmish he takes the key away from Sam and runs.  Funny scenes follow where head honchos of ‘Supernatural’ discuss what to do with the boys.

The evil angelic agent finds Misha and ganks him in an alley to use his blood to communicate with Raphael.  A homeless man who witnessed it all tells Dean and Sam that Raphael is going to be summoning the angel back very soon.  The two find the window of opportunity and take it, thus being transported back to their own time.

A showdown between Raphael, Balthazaar and Castiel ensues while the boys watch.  They realize that the weapon room key was a made up story to give Cass time to find the weapons.  Now that they’re found, Raphael backs down and vanishes.  Dean is understandably upset that he and his brother were used as pawns but Cass sternly reminds them both that a war is waging in heaven and it must be won at any cost.

In next week’s episode entitled “…And Then There Was None” Sam, Dean and Bobby set out in search of The Mother of All’s latest monster. While investigating, they run into Samuel and Gwen, who are also hunting the creature. Samuel and Bobby get into a heated fight about how to handle the case.