Coming off the bombshell of an episode where Aidan’s new squeeze turned out to be Josh’s old flame, this week’s ‘Being Human’ has Aidan, Sam and Sally dealing with the aftermath, not to mention creeping perilously closer to their darker sides.

Still unable to filch a blood bag or two from the hospital, Aidan is getting a bit desperate for his blood fix. Determined not to become his old self, he returns to his human supplier but her veins are tapped beyond the point of help. She promises him Darla, a backup, but he’s forced to wait. Aidan continues to fight his instincts, desperate not to give in. But what is his denial getting him? As the voice over states, “If you hate what you are, you’ll do anything to deny it. You’ll feed the lie until it becomes real. But who you are doesn’t go away; it waits for you.” The rising desperation is of a man that knows what he is—a monster—but doesn’t want to sate that side of him.

Sally and Zoe chat like true girlfriends. Sally hasn’t seen the entity that had been trailing her for more than a fortnight and is eager to get Zoe to work her mojo and bop the ghost into a willing baby for reincarnation. Zoe, still not quite sold on doing this for Sally, invites her to a group meeting for ghosts with issues, one Sally doesn’t really want to attend. During their talks, Dr. Forest comes in and Zoe’s social discomfort relating to non-ghosts is on display. Ever the helper, Sally identifies an opportunity to lend her matchmaking talents out.

While Sally concocts some ghostly intervention on Zoe’s love life, Josh is approached by a girl asking for his help. Her name is Brynn and her brother’s locked up in the psyche ward; when she identifies Josh as a werewolf, his interest peaked. Though he doesn’t want to free Connor, Brynn contests that if Connor’s held for too long, they run the risk of hitting the full moon. Josh knows the carnage a werewolf would create and agrees to help. On the opposite side of the hospital, Sally tries her best to help Zoe with her social skills, a first attempt that fails in spectacular fashion.

Not long after, the three roomies converse in the men’s locker room. Josh shares his experience with the twins and rationale for springing Connor while Sally is bent on offering Zoe her aid. She questions the boys about Dr. Forest but doesn’t get much in return. When Aidan tells his roomies not to wait up as he has things to do, Sally’s sage reply is “I hope she’s worth it”. The action cuts directly to 1930 and Aidan forcefully cleaning up a blood-drenched Suren. She’s offended by his disregard for her position as princess but he doesn’t back down. Her frustrated growl/sigh and obvious chemistry (something glimpsed since her first appearance) hints at more to come.

Aidan meets Suren at the Halloway Hotel where she introduces him to a mobster who wants in on the vampire trade. He offers the vampires quite a few perks for turning him and has his ear to the ground on several fronts, even mentioning the vampire orphan issue plaguing the city. Aidan is deadset against turning the mobster and his hesitation has Suren questioning his desire to be free. A second flashback introduces Henry, Aidan’s hotheaded and impressively impatient childe. In two minutes, Henry’s personality is laid bare; he’s opinionated, driven,  and truly doesn’t know when to hold his tongue. Aidan’s exasperation with his childe is evident, though the affection is also present.

On his walk home, Josh is greeted by the Porshe driving twins. He discovers they’re purebred, werewolves since birth. He accepts their invite and goes to a club where he watches Connor sniff aconite. More commonly referred to as wolfsbane, it soothes the amped up nerves a purebred werewolf feels all the time, nerves Josh only has to deal with the day before the full moon. Josh is somewhat sympathetic to their plight though he’s still a bit reticent about their true motivation.

Sally is bonding a bit with Zoe, waiting for the ghost support group to begin. Zoe reminds Sally that ghosts need help as well. When she goes to leave, Sally runs into Nick (her former classmate in college who she ‘bonded’ with last season). His presence keeps her there and the hopeful smile is a reminder of her fond memories with Nick.

Connor and Brynn share a bit more with Josh about their family. Traced back thirteen generations, their family originates from Scotland. Josh casually mentions his research on finding a cure and Connor is especially excited about the prospect. Josh isn’t too comfortable sharing much about it and his hesitancy angers Connor. Before things get out of control Josh leaves, seemingly justified in his hesitancy to open up to the twins.

Back at the ghost support group Nick thanks Sally for the help in turning his ‘life’ around and even asks her out on a haunt date. Sally is thrilled but Zoe doesn’t seem to be, shooting curious looks as the two ghosts converse.

Aidan continues to struggle with feeding and goes back to his supplier. The little girl that answers is Darla, the secondary blood supply. As ravenous as he is, his horror at feeding from an adolescent trumps the hunger and he stumbles away.

Sally finds just how different Zoe is when the nurse admits to “kind of seeing” Nick. She confides to Sally how Nick is almost like her first love, a prospect Sally can’t quite wrap her mind around. Her mind wars with being happy for Zoe and disappointment for herself.

At home, a jittery Aidan and hung over Josh talk about the latter’s night out with the twins. He’s more than a bit jealous of the two as they are rich and, to Josh, a bit entitled. Aidan sees Josh’s hesitation for what it is as he thinks back to the burgeoning feelings between he and Suren. At the time Suren confided in Aidan her desire to get out of her mother’s shadow and make a play for Aidan, who, despite wanting her just as much, rejects her. His memories of Suren and his current situation plays out in his mind when Aidan offers Josh his opinion “We’re only saying no to people like them because we’re afraid of becoming them,” he says. “…we don’t have to. If saying yes gets you your life back, say yes.” When Josh leaves, Aidan takes his own advice and relents to Suren’s desire to turn the mobster.

Back to 1930, Henry shows his true colors and lust for power. He chides Aidan for rejecting Suren and the station the two could reach had Aidan accepted Suren as his lover. Henry’s  desire for instant gratification is a warning sign to Aidan though the elder vampire is too caught up in his own inner turmoil to clearly see his childe’s machinations.

After Zoe’s revelation, Sally and Nick have a heart to heart. She thinks he’s not good enough for Zoe but when Nick confesses how Zoe has culled his need to relieve his death, Sally is crushed. Though it was not about her and more about the timing, she sees his inability to change for her as her not being good enough.

Josh shares his limited research with the twins and is shocked when, instead of looking for a cure, they want to permanently become the wolf. Josh can’t understand it, his hate for his own furry half clouding his opinion. Brinn explains to him that everything he may hate is what she loves and being purebred offers unique circumstances Josh

Aidan is no longer about fighting his urges and begins to feed on the mobster. He remembers the decision he made to take off with Suren but is crushed when he sees her in bed with a smug Henry. The memories trigger the old Aidan and the hurt at watching Suren with Henry. “This time, she’s mine,” he says as they feed together then get it out.

Nora is absent from the episode, but Josh calls her about the twins; he believes their desire to become wolves may not be all that bad. Though the picture of them feeding on deer as humans, brings its own questions.

Depressed after seeing Zoe and Nick together and wanting to feel the intimacy around her, Sally jumps into the body of Dr. Forest’s girlfriend, who she followed out of the hospital. The final scene is of a blood drunk Aidan and Suren spilled out on the floor. “Mother is going to be pissed,” she remarks. Aidan’s sole reply is a contented sigh.

Though Nora’s absence prevents us from seeing how she and Josh are after her biting words to him about not leaving her as he did for Julia, it does put the focus on our three roomies. After fighting his desires for so long in past and present, Aidan has consciously given himself over to his nature and Suren’s desires. What issues will Aidan’s submission cause between he, Josh, and Sally? He’s playing a deadly game and could possibly fall back into the murderous and ruthless shoes of his former self. But he’s not the only one under the gun of darkness. Sally jumping into an unwilling host, as Stevie warned her a few episodes ago, can lead her to some dark places. Couple that with the faceless shadow following her and the young ghost is truly playing with fire. Unlike his Aidan and Sally, the darker parts of Josh’s nature are not on display though it’s not far behind. Both Aidan and Sally’s actions are caused by their overwhelming desire for freedom. Josh’s own need for freedom, to find a cure for him and Nora may have him in the same boat of deciding just how much of his moral compass he’s willing to shed to have his freedom from the beast within.

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