Back in 2013, fans were ecstatic to learn that Marvel Studios was slowly gaining back some of their properties from other entities. Among those returning home was Daredevil, but before the Man Without Fear had a chance to get settled, it was announced that he would star in the first of five Netflix original series from the House of Ideas. Now, we know that the thirteen-episode first season will debut in its entirety on April 10th, however, we’ll finally get to see the first trailer for ‘Daredevil’ this Wednesday.

But before the trailer debuts tomorrow, Marvel has released a little fifteen-second teaser for the upcoming series starring Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent D’Onofrio to tease what’s to come. You can check out the teaser trailer below courtesy of Marvel’s YouTube channel:

Though this is one of those blink or you’ll miss it videos, it already gives us a feel of how dark ‘Daredevil’ will be compared to other heroes that we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. We also see Cox’s Matt Murdock suited up in the all black attire, but many are wondering if we’ll see the iconic red suit that the hero is known for. Reports have indicated that the suit that we’ve come to know and love will appear in the series eventually, but there’s no word on if we’ll see it in the first trailer. For all we know, it could just be the New York Comic Con trailer finally being released. However, Marvel is known for surprises, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us tomorrow.

What do you think of this teaser trailer for ‘Daredevil’? Are you excited to see the Man Without Fear’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comment section.