Marvel Studios and Harley-Davidson are joining once again in a new promotional giveaway where you can win a chance to be drawn into an upcoming Avengers digital comic as well as win a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle of your choice (up to a value of $20,000). To announce this giveaway, Marvel has released a new promo image of The Avengers team all together.

You may recall that the two teamed up when ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ was released and at that time, Harley-Davidson was giving away a custom Captain America Sportster. This time the theme is ‘The Battle of Freedom Needs You’ and there are four grand prizes up for grabs. If you are an active or veteran member of the military, you can submit your entry in the Military Entrant Pool. All others will be placed in the General Entrant Pool where there will be 4 grand prize winners total (one from the Miliary Pool and three from the General Pool) each winning a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle and their image in the digital comic book ‘The Avengers’ which will appear sometime later this year.

To enter, you need to think up a superhero name and write in 1,000 words or less a description of your superhero. Word of warning: make sure you read the fine print as once you submit your idea, it becomes the property of Harley-Davidson and they will not return your submission.

If any of you happen to win one of the Grand Prizes, then make sure you let us know so we can drool over your new Harley and review your issue of the comic book! Good luck!