As of the final few pages of ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #4, John Stewart and his crew were captives of the team known only as the Keepers. Meanwhile, Guy Gardner (with a little assistance from the Martian Manhunter) had just interrogated one of the Keepers and discovered the whereabouts of Stewart and his squad.

This issue begins with Guy assembling a team of Green Lanterns to take on the Keepers. However, since he plan is to take the villains on their own turf, he needs a group of Lanterns that are up to the task. Enter the “Mean Machine”. As a long-time reader of Green Lantern books, I’ve never heard of the Mean Machine, and with Wikipedia blacked-out as I’m writing this, to protest SOPA, I’ll assume that they’re new to the DC Universe and the New 52 titles. The Mean Machine is a group of Green Lanterns that are supposed to be the biggest and baddest that the Corps has to offer. They are a grizzled bunch of war vets that apparently do nothing but hang out at bars until they’re needed. Anyway, Guy recruits the Mean Machine along with a few other “fearsome” Lanterns and prepares to take on the Keepers.

In my review of ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #4, I commented that writer Peter J. Tomasi could effortlessly jump from buddy-cop to military to an epic space story. This issue is firmly planted in the military corner. Guy’s gathering of his squad reads like something right out of an action movie. Tomasi makes sure that everyone knows that these guys and gals are the toughest hombres in the Corps and that they’re ready to kick Keeper rear. Now that the setup is done, next issue should be back to some explosive Lantern on Keeper butt-kickin’!

The art from Fernando Pasarin just started on this title last issue but he’s quickly proven himself as a great Green Lantern artist. This issue, some of the scenes (especially those featuring the Mean Machine) remind me of some of Brian Hitch’s spectacular work in Marvel’s ‘The Ultimates’.

If you’re looking for a team book with some comedy, action, and a military edge, look no further than the ‘Green Lantern Corps’.

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI